Your buddies can now spy on your WhatsApp activity with this new iOS app

WhatsApp activity with this new iOS app

As per, WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion active monthly users worldwide. Since we all have internet connection on our smartphones, we prefer using WhatsApp to chat with our friends and family. After all, it does not cost any money. Plus, it has cool emojis, GIFs, voice calls, video calls, voice messages, and lots of other amazing features which makes it the most preferred IM to communicate with. Other than this, there is WhatsApp for business so that people at the workplace communicate and collaborate easily too. This might may you say ‘I love WhatsApp’ but wait.

Before you pass any verdict and declare WhatsApp your favorite app, you must know that your buddies may be spying on you and that too without using any best WhatsApp spying app. You would definitely want to know how that is possible. Now, we all know that WhatsApp allows your contacts to know when you are available to chat or whether or not you have read their texts. But there is more to it. Recently, an app called Chat watch has been discovered that uses the public online and offline status feature of WhatsApp to tell users how often their friends check the app and what time they go to bed each day. It works even better than the best WhatsApp spying app we know. That’s not it. It can also correlate data on two contacts (which you can choose on your own) to guess if they have been talking to one another.

Isn’t it alarming to find out that now your own contacts can keep tabs on you? Chat watch is an iOS app and it lets your contacts do more than what you can imagine. Wait, if you thought that it can’t harm you because you have disabled your ‘Last seen feature’, then you are wrong. It can still figure out your WhatsApp activity without your permission. The app requires at least 24 hours to generate insights.

Chat watch is yet in its testing phase. Some experts suggest that the feature that reveals how often your friends check their WhatsApp is plausible. It is possible to find out whether a WhatsApp user is online or not without even exchanging a message. Naturally, we would be glad if WhatsApp could disable the function of letting a user know if you are online by simply initiating a conversation so that we could maintain privacy in our lives. Let’s hope that our friends don’t use Chat watch to find out how we use WhatsApp.

This best WhatsApp spying app is not free, its subscription fee is $2. If you are friends with such people who you think would have even a slight interest in finding out who you interact with (and that person happens to be your mutual contact), then you had better watch out. For now, there is no way you can find out if your friends are using Chat watch but let’s pray our friends to become stingy and don’t spend money to keep tabs on us.

A good thing is that Chat watch has been removed from the Apple app store. On their website, Chat watch has mentioned that they are unaware of the reason why their app has been removed from the App store. However, they are planning to launch a web version and they are going to appeal Apple for suspending their app.

There is no cure to stop this best WhatsApp spying app for now but if are concerned about your privacy, then the best option at hand is to deactivate your WhatsApp account and switch to a more secure Instant Messenger.