Worried about moving your fridge? 7 refrigerator shifting tips you need to know


With a long list of items to move to a new place, home relocations become extremely laborious when no other hands are involved in the shifting process. From all types of household furniture to electronic appliances, kitchen dishes, home décor items, vehicles, or anything you own, everything can be moved with the help of packers and movers who are highly trained in relocating them safely with damages & delays.  

As far as home shifting is concerned, most people are more concerned about the potential risks of damages that usually occur while moving common electronic cooling systems that usually installed at homes such as refrigerators, AC, freezers, coolers, etc. Today, we’re going to highlight some essential tips for relocating your fridge safely to your new home.

Why refrigerators or home cooling systems need extra care while shifting?

All types of electronic appliances are manufactured & designed to be installed once for long-time use. Whether it is a fridge or an air conditioner, you must call experts to disassemble them safely in a correct manner. Ignoring these precautions may harm the internal system of these devices or may also affect their functions when reinstalled at the new home.

7 fridge moving tips to keep in your mind 

Tip 1: Collect all cleaning & moving items

Gather all necessary material required for moving your fridge before emptying it. Your packers and movers will first collect these cleaning & packing materials before removing the objects kept in your fridge:

  • Cleaning materials
  • Moving cloth or blankets
  • Trash bags/bins
  • Moving straps
  • Packing tape
  • Trolley for loading 
  • Truck for transportation

Tip 2: Remove contents of the freezer

Every home shifting service provider suggests that emptying contents of a freezer before packing & shipping is very important. There is no point in keeping things in a fridge when you’re moving as it adds unnecessary load to the shipment. Excluding leftovers, you can either consume food items or give them away to others if they’re sealed or unopened specifically during long-distance moves. 

Tip 3: Defrost your freezer 24 hours before moving

Once all the contents of your fridge are removed, the right time comes to defrost it as soon as possible. Switch off the power button and unplug the wire connected to the power supply. Don’t forget to keep towels or cleaning cloth beneath the freezer as ice will melt down into the water. 

Also, start cleaning your refrigerator side by side while its freezer defrosts. You must do this task before the arrival of packers and movers as they won’t have to wait when your fridge undergoes the defrost phase and this will certainly save a lot of time in moving it. 

Clean all the interiors of your refrigerator and let it dry from inside & out. Remember, this task must be done at least 24 hours earlier than your shifting day so that no moisture would be left in it to make your smelly when opened after the move. 

Tip 4: Time to pack your refrigerator for safe moving

To avoid scratches or damages, ensure that your fridge is 100% dry and moisture-free. Remove glass drawers and other removable shelves attached to your fridge & keep them separately. Let your packers & movers clean each of them carefully and pack them appropriately.

The advantage of removing detachable drawers from your fridge to reduced risks of breakages that usually happens to them during the move. Generally, packing materials like bubble wraps, packing paper, & tape are used to pack them for the utmost safety. For outer packing, rope and cardboard boxes are used to secure a refrigerator perfectly. 

Tip 5: Get professionals packers & movers for fridge moving

Only skilled, certified, & reliable home shifting service providers can help you relocate your fridge and other household equipment without hassles, damages, & delays. Considering the weight of a refrigerator above 300 pounds, it can’t be loaded by one person, only a team of 3-4 people can easily load & move this cooling system smoothly and safely. 

Tip 6: Do measure the size of the fridge & doorways before moving

One important task to do while shifting a refrigerator is measuring the dimensions of your freezer to the doorways & stairwells of your new home. By doing this, you will eliminate the chances of the last-minute rush caused in case if the size of a fridge doesn’t fit the doorways of the room where you’re planning to keep it in the new house. It is better to do this first to avoid frustration later on!

Tip 7: Loading your fridge to the pickup truck

The painstaking task of moving a refrigerator from your home to the loading truck is full of risks as well. However, your packers and movers will do it carefully by securing & sliding it cautiously on the dolly to the truck. Although it seems very easy, only expert shifting personnel can perfectly do this as even a minor mistake can cause injury to anyone or damage to the appliance. So, be careful when loading process goes on!

If you don’t want to face the trouble while moving your cooling system especially a fridge, find the right packers and movers to help you relocate this expensive electronic appliance with care & professionalism. Anyways, we wish you a joyful moving experience!