WordPress Database Cleaner Plugin


Your WordPress information base resembles a file organizer for your site that stores the entirety of your substance, including posts, pages, remarks, updates and spam remarks, just as the settings for your subjects and modules. So in the event that you’ve been utilizing WordPress database cleaner plugin for some time, odds are your information base is jumbled and loaded up with tables you do not require anymore.

This futile information prompts information base swell (I mean, do you truly need to spare the settings for subjects you erased years back?), so tidying up your information base not just assists speed with increasing your site so it stacks quicker, yet can likewise clear up huge space in your information base so it runs all the more proficiently.

With WordPress, there are a couple of various ways you can handle streamlining your information base. In this post, we’ll take a gander at some mySQL questions you can use to tidy up your information base in phpMyAdmin just as some extraordinary modules that make the assignment considerably simpler.

Note: Before making changes to your information base, I energetically suggest you reinforcement your site first. Regardless of whether you’re rolling out little improvements to your site or huge ones, having a reinforcement of your site prepared to reestablish will give you genuine feelings of serenity if something turns out badly. A module like Blog Vault makes backing up your webpage simple.

Streamlining your WordPress database with phpmyadmin

There are a few different ways you can run SQL questions on your information base, however on the off chance that you have cPanel on your worker the best and most effortless choice is phpMyAdmin.

To get to phpMyAdmin, login to cPanel for your site and snap “phpMyAdmin” in the “Information bases” area. When you’re in phpMyAdmin, you’ll see your site’s information bases recorded on the left. Snap on the one you need to tidy up and afterward click the “SQL” tab.

In the picture above, I’ve obscured the name of my information base, yet you get the thought – I’ve chosen the primary data set for my site. (I have a couple of information bases to advance since I used to have Multisite introduced on my worker!)

The SQL area in phpMyAdmin is the place you can enter SQL orders and afterward hit “Go” to run them. Note that this article utilizes the default table prefix wp_, so ensure you change the prefixes in the SQL orders beneath coordinate the ones utilized by your information base.

Erase Old Plugin and Post Data

We should begin with erasing extra information from modules you no longer have introduced. The wp_postmeta table additionally happens to be the place your post information is put away, so when you run this question you’re hitting two feathered creatures with one stone.

Erase FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key = ‘META-KEY-NAME’;

Remember to supplant META-KEY-NAME with the worth you need to get out.

Erase Post Revisions

Old post amendments rapidly include, particularly in the event that you have creators on your site who are continually sparing their work over numerous days. In the event that you need to erase the entirety of the post amendments in your information base in on hit.

Erase Unused Tags

It’s simple for labels to aggregate after some time, particularly on the off chance that you add them to posts and, at that point adjust your perspective and erase them. Additionally, labels have become undesirable as of late the same number of bloggers have quit utilizing them. This question will erase all labels that aren’t related with any posts.

Erase Old Short codes

Like old module information, overlooked shortcodes frequently stick around in your data set long after you’ve quit utilizing them, or erased modules they were related with. Rather than altering presents and pages physically on eliminate short codes, run this inquiry to eliminate all occurrences of a short codes on your site.

Erase Transients

Homeless people give an approach to briefly store reserved information in the data set by giving it a name and a time period after which it will lapse (thus the name “transient”) and be erased. Now and again, homeless people set by WordPress and modules can occupy a ton of room in your information base, by they can be securely taken out utilizing this question.

Improving Tables

While you’re as of now signed into phpMyAdmin, why not enhance your tables? In a couple of snaps, you can rapidly advance your tables yourself without introducing any modules.

In phpMyAdmin, on the “Structure” tab and afterward click on the information base you need to upgrade. At the base of the rundown click “Check all”. In the drop box alongside this alternative, select “Improve table”.


Within excess of 600,000 dynamic introduces, WP-Optimize is the most famous information base enhancement module for WordPress. It’s excessively simple to utilize, basically click “Run enhancement” close to the tidy up choices you need to run.

The “Table data” tab shows the entirety of the tables in your information base alongside their size. The screen additionally discloses to you the absolute size of your information base and how much complete space the module can enable you to spare.

Under the “Settings” tab, you can decide to plan information base advancement so it runs naturally consistently, fortnight or month, and even log all progressions for you. In general, it’s an extremely straightforward module to utilize. Simply recall to reinforcement your site before utilizing it.


WP-Sweep is rapidly increasing an after (at present at 50,000 dynamic introduces) on the grounds that it was created by Lester Chan, a famous WordPress engineer.

At the point when you introduce the module, go to “Instruments > Sweep” to get to the settings. The module has a natural interface that shows a report of how much pointless information is in your data set. It’s partitioned into various areas for posts, remarks, clients, terms, alternatives and enhancing tables.

At the point when you click “Clear” alongside a section, the module gets the chance to work upgrading your information base for that passage. In the event that you need to clear your entire information base, simply click “Clear All” at the base of the page.

Dissimilar to WP-Optimize, WP-Sweet uses WordPress erase works however much as could reasonably be expected to tidy up your information base as opposed to running direct erase MySQL questions, guaranteeing stranded information isn’t deserted in your information base. In any case, WP-Sweep doesn’t offer computerized information base advancement.