Will a Shared Student Accommodation Living Work for You?

Will a Shared Student Accommodation Living Work for You
Going to college involves a lot of decision making. This involves looking for a place to stay. It can be a bit nerve-wracking but living on your own can help you prepare for independent living in the future. If you think you can’t stand living alone, one option you can choose is shared student accommodation.

The Advantages of Sharing an Accommodation

One of the most common types of student living is shared student accommodation. This can be in the form of a flat, house or hall of residence wherein students share rooms and other communal facilities. A typical arrangement can be a room shared by two students. Others also opt to rent the whole property with 3 or 4 bedrooms so that they can have a room of their own.


Reduced Living Costs

When you rent student accommodation with others, you get to save more money. This is because monthly rent payments can be divided among the household. In addition, the group may split the cost of deposits, utilities, household necessities, furniture and décor, and food. It makes it a cheaper option than living solo in an apartment. The more people you share with, the less the costs you need to pay. Don’t forget to include all the names of everyone who will be staying in your co-living space on the rental agreement.

Sharing of Responsibilities

Aside from equal division of fees, another advantage of sharing student accommodation is that you are not alone in facing responsibilities. Household chores can be divided among the group. There can also be a rotation of duties so that one person will not always be stuck in a certain task.

Bigger Social Network

Sharing accommodation is an easy way for you to win a friend. You will be spending a lot of time with your flatmates so a friendship among all of you may bloom in time. Plus, you get a chance to meet the friends of the people you live with which is an opportunity to have a larger friendship circle.

Learn About Different Cultures and Backgrounds

Living in a shared multiple or couple student accommodation offers an opportunity to learn various cultures, most especially if you’ll be living with a foreign housemate. This gives us a chance to open our mindset to things we haven’t tried or heard of before. You can also share a part of what you grow up or what you believe in with these people. The exchange of ideas provides everyone with a better understanding of the world we live in.


The easy path to independence is through shared student accommodation. Living solo right away after years of living with family can be overwhelming. Sharing accommodation with others can be an ideal compromise. There may be still restrictions since you’ll be living with some housemates but not exactly the constraints that come with living with your parents or other family members.

Where to Find a Shared Student Accommodation in Brisbane?

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