Why Your Company Needs a Driver Cage

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Do you operate a warehouse or a receiving bay? Then you need a driver cage.

It’s a simple yet effective idea. A shipping bay door allowing access to the warehouse connects to a mesh enclosure.

The driver can enter the warehouse, get out of the cold, and sign delivery paperwork. Depending on the cage design, they can take a seat or interact with employees at an adjacent desk. They can’t access the rest of the warehouse unless an approved employee opens the cage from the warehouse side.

Why buy a driver cage? Because this security investment can quickly pay off. Read on to learn about driver cage benefits.

Prevent Accidents

An accident in your warehouse is a worst-case scenario. Accidents can cause serious delays and losses. At their worst, they can even cause injuries and loss of life.

Avoiding accidents is especially important in warehouses. Heavy goods and machinery create many safety risks. To offset those risks, operators must provide their staff with safety protocols, training, and PPE.

But that can only go so far when it comes to visitor-related accidents. Visitors who don’t know how your warehouse works may walk into forklift lanes, lack proper headgear or get lost on the way to the bathroom.

Driver access cages can dramatically reduce visitor-involved accidents. Drivers can only enter the rest of the building when an employee opens the cage and safely escorts them wherever they need to go.

Stop Theft

Inventory shrinkage cost the retail industry about $46.8 billion in losses in 2018. There are many different causes of inventory shrinkage. Installing driver access cages can address many sources at once.

Driver cages limit outside visitors’ access to inventory, reducing opportunities for theft. They can also help create receiving and security monitoring points, which cuts down on other shrinkage avenues.

Monitor Your Building

Who’s walking in and out of your building? What shipments are you receiving? How are visitors getting signed in and out?

Wire mesh cages alone aren’t enough to keep tabs on your building. But they can still play an important role.

Driver cages are an ideal location to keep security logs and monitor entryways to the building. They can also help you streamline better receiving practices by creating a single point of communication with the driver.

Avoid Liability

Theft and injury are bad enough on their own, but they come with another threat for operators: liability issues.

An employee or visitor could sue after a visitor-related accident. Insurance policies might not help you if insurance companies think you took inadequate measures to protect the building’s occupants and inventory.

Driver cages can be another tool in protecting your warehouse from liability. In the event of an incident, having a cage installed shows you took reasonable safety measures. That can reduce your financial liability in the event of lawsuits and insurance disputes.

Increase Fire Safety and Employee Access

Are driver cages for drivers only? Not at all!

Install a push bar door in your driver cage to turn it into a fire exit. Put an ID scanner or a code lock on your driver cage door to turn it into an employee entry point, as well.

Install a Driver Cage Today

You can’t afford to ignore driver cage advantages. This simple solution increases safety and efficiency for every warehouse occupant and every piece of inventory.

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