Why Your Building Needs Audio Intercom


There are certain security requirements that are essential for every business. One of these requirements is the installation of audio intercoms. A number of businesses often tend to overlook the need for intercom systems. However, these intercom systems are necessary for the security of their own property and the safety of people involved in the business process.

There are multiple categories of businesses that handle a high load of traffic. Any compromise on security measures, especially lack audio or video intercom systems can prove to be a huge setback for the business. Here’s why you should consider audio intercom to keep your property safe:

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Increased Security:

It is obvious that the presence of an intercom system adds an extra layer of security to any building. This added security ensures comprehensive security for all users. This allows the user to verify the authenticity of the person standing on the other side of a door without going all the way to the door or having to open it. This facility enables you to limit the entrance of any unwanted or unauthenticated person without any additional effort. You can use your intercom system to know about the visitor with the help of conversation and take actions accordingly.


Intercom systems provide flexible security facilities to any building with multiple access points. The  Intercom system enables you to communicate between various access points of a building and restrict the entry of unauthenticated persons through any access point. This is true for residential and commercial buildings alike. In the case of residential buildings, the residents can easily communicate with the person standing at the entrance point and decide whether they should be allowed inside or not. 


In addition to security, intercoms serve well as a communication medium between people working or residing in the building without interruption. It is also a convenient solution for people who are aged and face difficulties in answering the door. With the presence of an intercom, they don’t need to walk to the door and answer the visitor, they can do it easily with the help of two-way communication made possible with the intercom system. This also eases their security.

Communication Substitute:

In an hour of need, intercoms can also serve as substitute phones, especially in buildings or areas where phone usage is restricted. There are some areas where mobile connectivity is not possible because of weak cellular network signals. Intercoms provide the facility of communication at such times. Suppose, you have to gain access to a building but your cellular network is unreachable. If there is an intercom system you can easily ask your colleague to allow your entry.

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