Why you need to buy the crystal water bottles?

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Nowadays a new type of water bottle is eventually becoming quite famous in the market. It’s the crystal water bottles. For most of us, a water bottle is just a piece of plastic that has been crafted into a shape to store water.

But these water bottles are more than just any water bottle. It’s now difficult to guess that obviously when you look at the price tag which is around a hundred dollars or more.

What is the fuss about these bottles?

There is a piece of crystal that is attached to the bottom end of the bottle. It is believed that if you drink water from a crystal water bottle it can make increase your mental power and spiritual powers.

But how is it possible that a simple piece of rock can unlock the hidden potential in our brains?

The mythical science behind crystal elixirs

People have always been curious to know about these white colored rocks ever since. In the days of Egyptian Civilization, people used to believe in crystals as rocks containing magical powers. So, people since the early days will suck water from the crystals which are also called elixirs.

These crystal elixirs are thought to transfer these divine powers into our body as we drink water. In medieval times, people would also rub crystals around the wound as they thought that wound would heal faster.

It is since then that people started believing about the crystals as substances with divine powers.

Why put crystals inside a water bottle?

To the common man who does not know much about crystals and its mythical powers a crystal, the idea of a crystal water bottle is unique and rare.

It contains a bar of crystal inserted inside a water bottle. The piece of crystal is attached to the bottom of the bottle.

Water is an important fluid for all humans. It is thought that when we drink water from these water bottles the water gets infused with all the energy inside the crystal. Then as we drink the water it is transferred to our body.

What do modern believers say about crystal water bottles?

According to the modern spiritual science and the believers, the molecules of the crystal vibrate at a certain frequency. When these pieces of crystals are put inside a crystal water bottle this frequency of vibration which is released as quanta of energy is transferred into the water.

Thus when we drink water we get the energy from the crystals. Many think that this is positive energy and one that increases the power of our soul and the mind. Drinking water from these bottles will make give us peace and we will become better human beings with a better conscience and grow spiritually.

Where to buy crystal water bottles?

Crystal water bottles are available on all the major e-commerce and online stores like Amazon. You must know that the prices of these water bottles are significantly more than an ordinary water bottle. There are many ranges in the price based on the quality of the crystal. If you buy a decent size and quality if crystal it will cost you around fifty to a hundred US dollars.

So if you are willing to spend money on buying one of them you can do so and buy one from the well known and trusted websites.

Things to check before buying a bottle

When you are spending so much money on buying a crystal water bottle it is inherent to check the authenticity of the website. Also, find out about the quality of the crystal by putting a query to the sellers.