Why we choose quality kitchen cabinets

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Many homeowners report deteriorating drawers, crooked doors, and loose kitchen cabinet hinges, which are mostly caused by poor construction. In most cases, people compromise on the quality of the material used to make kitchen cabinets to save money. However, poor-quality cabinets tend to have cosmetic issues and functional flaws that lead to costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Investing in high-quality cabinetry is a smart choice for homeowners looking for something extraordinary and durable because they last a long time without losing their aesthetics and functionality. This article examines seven characteristics of quality kitchen cabinets.

Why we choose quality kitchen cabinets

1. Full plywood construction:

Cabinets can be constructed from both chipboard and plywood. However, heavy-duty cabinets are designed with plywood backs and sides to stay square during delivery and installation. This feature allows it to resist moisture damage and to support the weight of heavy countertops. Although chipboard cabinets are a less expensive alternative, they are still vulnerable to crushing and moisture issues, making it difficult to repair gaskets and screws. Full plywood construction has strong holding power when combined with glue, screws, and fasteners.

2. Soft closing hinges:

It is impossible to open or close a cabinet door without the hinges, making it one of a kitchen cabinet’s essential components. Bottom hinges can cause loose, stiff, or uneven doors that may not close. A quality furniture hinge consists of a soft-closing mechanism etched into a strong nickel-plated steel hinge. Can adjust the hinge in more than six ways to provide more flexibility during temperature fluctuations to allow easier opening and closing of the cabinet door.

3. Hardwood drawers:

Consider an upgrade if your drawer front bends, tilts, or falls. Poorly constructed cabinets are often fastened with notched joints and staples that lack the strength to support the weight. . should countersink the sides of the drawer box of quality construction to include interlocking teeth dovetail joints where the strength of the weight support comes from the wood itself. Hardwood dovetail drawer cabinets feature a sturdy plywood drawer bottom and fully locked four-sided grooved joints glued and nailed in place.

4. Face frames:

Frameless cabinets have doors attached directly to the cabinet box’s sides, while framed cabinets have drawer rails and door hinges attached to the frame. These two construction methods can vary greatly in strength and stability depending on the construction methods, as they are significantly different in appearance. However, installation costs for frameless cabinets are generally higher than for cabinets with a frame. Front frame cabinets provide added stability that keeps the cabinet box intact during transport and installation.

5. Style and colour:

Quality kitchen cabinets should reflect your style and personality in the kitchen environment, regardless of your individual preferences. Consider how your furniture complements your kitchen space and find a style that meets your needs. Style and colour should go hand in hand, as your kitchen’s style determines what colours you can use. Stainless steel appliances usually work with any shade, and you can always pick your favourites from the colour scheme.

6. Industrial certification and lifetime warranty:

A lifetime warranty can assure you of durability and low maintenance costs for the life of your stay in your home. While the warranty doesn’t dictate the cabinet’s quality, it gives you an idea of ​​how much the manufacturer is willing to keep their product. The high industry certification and lifetime warranty mean that manufacturers take strong credit for their construction quality.

7. Changes and customization:

Stock manufacturers offer limited styles and sizes, which may not meet or exceed a modern kitchen’s expectations. Custom modification cabinets offer various styles, sizes, materials, and special features to suit your kitchen needs and space.

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8. Importance of quality kitchen cabinets:

When designing or remodelling the interior of your home, the cabinetry you choose is very important. Your choice of furniture will define your kitchen’s style, the amount of storage space, practicality, and longevity.

9. Definition of quality standards:

The kitchen furniture quality refers to the construction techniques, finishing, and craftsmanship used to design the furniture. However, each owner has their idea of ​​what good quality furniture is.

10. Basics of furniture quality:

There are a few things to consider when it comes to the basics of cabinet quality. It is not recommended to go for the cheaper cabinets as they have inferior finishes, they freeze, and in some situations, the chip. Inexpensive kitchen cabinets are difficult to paint unless they were designed with solid wood.

11. Material and construction:

The quality of the cabinet is determined by the type of material used. Also, how the cabinets have been put together is an important consideration. Longevity, functionality, and durability are directly related to the type of material used to build the kitchen cabinet.

12. Increase storage space in the kitchen:

Are your counters cluttered with what doesn’t fit your kitchen cabinets? If so, it’s time to call our kitchen remodelling contractors. We can increase the storage space in your kitchen so that there is room for everything. We can even design and manufacture custom furniture so you can cook with ease. The more storage you have, the easier it will be to cook in your kitchen.

13. Match the interior design:

Ccc Cabinets take up a lot of floor space, which affects the interior design of your kitchen. For example, white kitchen cabinets can help a room feel more spacious and airy. When you carefully design your home, you want to make sure that your quality kitchen cabinets match the rest of your aesthetic. We can build custom furniture to match your lifestyle and design preferences.

14. Make a good first impression:

The kitchen is one of the most used environments in your home. If you’re looking to sell your home, dirty cabinetry can leave a bad first impression. Fortunately, our renovation contractors have experience installing kitchen cabinets.

15. Increase property value:

Look at the “bones” of your current kitchen cabinets. If the original kitchen cabinets are of poor quality, it is better to replace them. Fortunately, our home improvement contractors have a lot of experience replacing kitchen cabinets so that you can increase the property value of your home.

16. Increase the functionality of the kitchen:

Is it hard to cook something in your kitchen? We can help you design a kitchen that you can use. Our kitchen remodelling contractors will work with you to choose from sliding drawers, revolving shelves, and other custom furniture.


Quality kitchen cabinets are one of the most important features of a kitchen. The first thing you notice when you walk into the kitchen is the cabinetry. The kitchen is a very special place because it is where daily meals are prepared or for special occasions. Installing the cabinet not only improves the value of your home but also makes your daily life easier. Let’s take a look at five reasons why it might be time to invest in new furniture for your kitchen.