Why Use Gait Belts for Patients?


Gait belts are used at hospitals, physiotherapy clinics, nursing houses, and homes to assist older people or people with injuries and weak joints in facilitating safe mobility. In order to use a gait belt, it is vital for patients to be at least partially ambulatory; so that they are able to handle some of the strain put on their muscles and joint while using this belt.

Transfer belts for patients provide them with the necessary assistance to perform routine movement tasks. There are many advantages of using gait belts with handles, and below are some prominent benefits –

  1. Facilitate Transfer Assistance

Patients who are injured or old have difficulty in moving from their wheelchairs to bed and vice versa. A transfer gait belts provide a necessary grip to assist such patients to the bed or wheelchair. Gait belt with handles offers essential support for both patients and helpers in order to facilitate the transfer.

  1. It Reduces the Probabilities of Injuries


When patients fall sick or get injured, they tend to lose adequate balance to stay stable. The patient transfer belt provides them with the balance to prevent them from falling while they are moving. Furthermore, old people who have become frail also need the assistance of this belt to get the necessary stability to prevent injuries.

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Gait belts are basically woolen, cotton, or nylon belts that are long and thick and come with non-slip buckles sporting teeth and loops. The teeth and loop help in securing the strap in place by clipping the ends together, so that the patients don’t lose their balance. Since it allows patients and caregivers to be stable and balance, it prevents injuries.

  1. Provides Assistance to Caregiver

Gait belts with handles are not just beneficial for patients; they are quite helpful for the caregiver as well. The sturdy and wide handle on the gait belts allows the caregivers to transfer the patients to various required places efficiently.

  1. It Provides Adequate Balance

A gait belt with handles is strapped to the patients who are weak, frail or have postural problems to provide balance while transferring or moving. This additional balance reduces the pressure of joints and backbones of their bodies, thereby providing them with much more comfort. So these belts are increasingly used on patients who are not able to walk with any assistance.

  1. Reduce Injury Risk for Caregivers

There are plenty of ways caregivers can get injured while transferring patients. The caregiver has to manage toileting, feeding, dressing, bathing, grooming, etc. for a patient who cannot perform these tasks themselves.

Evidently, these tasks demand physical strength and can make them tired and result in a sore neck, muscle tension, backaches, etc. By using gait belts with handles, caregivers don’t have to put a lot of muscle strength in heavy lifting, thereby avoiding the risk of a back injury.

Gait belts with handles are an effective tool that is popularly used in all the medical institutions and home to transfer patients from one place to another. The strength of these belts allows the patients to get balance and stability so that less strain is put on their joints and backs, and they can move without much pressure.

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