Why the 2020 Mazda CX-9 has such High Demand?


Mazda offers a great option, 2020 CX-9 for people who can’t buy the Miata because it is not practical for their lifestyle. It is a remarkable vehicle which is why it is always in high demand and people keep booking it from Mazda dealer Porter. However, the question you might have is what makes this car so much in demand? The answer is simple everything!

From its engine to interior and more, every aspect of this car makes it a popular ride among people. Take a look at the features and more in detail!

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Price of models

One of the reasons as to why this car is in so much demand right now is due to its affordable pricing along with features it offers at such cost. The base model is Sport which costs $34,835. The mid-level trims include Touring and Grand Touring which will cost a person $36,655 and $42,495 in that order. The top model includes Signature series which costs $47,160.

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Though a lot of people opt for Touring version, most choose Grand Touring or Signature to enjoy all available features and comfort. The trims come with Bose audio system along with several other features that makes any journey quite smooth.

Power under CX9’s hood

This vehicle is equipped with four-cylinder turbocharged V6 engine which is not just fast but also offers fuel-efficiency. It sounds remarkable and accelerates remarkably when reach 0-60 mph, which takes about 7.1 seconds maximum. It is the ultimate car for driving enthusiasts which serves as a family car too.

Also, it has firm suspension and feels light on feet which make one feel like driving a small SUV vehicle. In addition, its suspension makes rides comfortable when driving on a rough road. Moreover, the steering offers a potent feeling that can’t be felt when driving other vehicle from this category. Also, correct steering with stable suspension makes one feel in control of this car always.

Lastly, another reason for its demand is the mileage it offers. When driving in a city, it will offers 22 mpg and on highway 28 mpg, which offers better fuel-efficiency than most of its competitors. For more information visit Porter Mazda dealership.

Interior space and infotainment

The interior cabin offers detailed styling and best materials are used for creating it; hence, it gives a wow factor and attracts attention of people easily. From soft touch plastic to genuine rosewood, and more; each model offers aesthetically pleasing aspect.

The base model comes with a 7-inch display while the rest are equipped with 8-inch touchscreen for infotainment. Apart from touchscreen facility, it can be controlled using buttons and knobs as well as can be utilized using voice commands. Moreover, it comes with Bluetooth, HD radio, Wi-Fi hotspot, smartphone integration and more.

Now you know why people love this car from Mazda and why there is such a high demand for it. Take a test ride, if you still have some questions about it. Visit a dealer today and book your slot and enjoy the experience 2020 CX9 offers.

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