Why should you start using Synthetic Oil?


Most people often think that they should use synthetic oil when traditional or conventional oil works adequately for their car. Well, synthetic oil is an upgrade from conventional oil and offers better protection to car engines and more. Before the switch to this oil type, you should know a few things about it.

Synthetic oil in detail

Before you opt for oil change service in Lancaster, you should know about this oil type first. Petroleum is not used in creating pure synthetic engine oil. This oil is created using different chemicals and goes through a detailed procedure where every molecule of it is designed. Moreover, superior additives are added in it that aids in protecting the oil from degrading over time.

However, other forms of this oil type start as petroleum products similar to conventional oil but go through an extensive refining process. This transforms a few particular molecular structures to fulfil specific criteria like longer-lasting than a traditional oil, continuous performance at very high temperatures, etc.

Such oils are ideal for high-performance automobiles that consist of turbocharger and need such oil to withstand such massive temperatures. However, with time more automakers are leaning towards synthetic oils’ wider usage, which is why blended forms can be used for any vehicle and are considerably less expensive.

Why use synthetic oils?

This oil type provides car owners with better protection. According to studies, it shows that synthetic oil and different blends of it perform much better than traditional oil. When tested, it showed that it is better by 47% on average. Utilizing this oil helps people enjoy several benefits, such as:

  • Better protection

One of the primary advantages of using synthetic oil is that it provides better protection to the engine and its parts, especially in high temperatures. This is why it is safer for a car engine to use synthetic oil rather than a conventional one.

  • When towing, it reduces degradation

Often there are times when people have to tow heavy loads or tow a damaged car behind. Using this oil type will assist in reducing degradation that increases the longevity of your vehicle.

  • Prevents sludge

Another perk of using synthetic oils is that it helps in preventing sludge or deposits in an engine much better than conventional oil can. With time traditional oil solidifies; thus, it loses most of its protective characteristics. However, synthetic oil is created to last longer and so, serves better in this purpose.

Using synthetic oil

There are misconceptions about switching to this oil type might affect your vehicle. Also, people believe that there should be a period to adjust when transferring from traditional oil. All these are simply myths as any person can change to synthetic oil at any moment one desires. When in Lancaster oil change service shop you can gather more details about this.

Therefore, if your scheduled oil change is near, talk to your mechanic and switch to synthetic oil. It will help your engine stay secure and perform better for a longer duration. Get it and experience it yourself!