Why Should I Move to Chicago? 5 Terrific Reasons

move to chicago

Did you know that one of Chicago’s pizza hotspots, Gino’s East, will ship its pizza to customers all across the country?

We’re not surprised—after all, Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza. However, the city has far more to offer than just pizza!

If you’re considering moving to Chicago, you’re probably wondering what the biggest benefits are.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out. Check out our guide below for five great reasons you should move to Chicago!

1. Live Comfortably at Half the Price

If you’re drawn to cities but don’t want to live in a shoebox apartment, moving to Chicago is the perfect solution. In fact, rent in Chicago is a whopping 40% lower than in New York or San Francisco.

With property prices far lower than many other major U.S. cities, you can easily find affordable property in Chicago with an apartment agent or a home seller like URB. And you won’t have to worry about an uptick in utilities to offset the lower rent—monthly utilities average out to about $150 in Chicago.

2. Sports Fans Rally Together

If you’re not a sports fan, you’ll quickly become one when you move to Chicago. The city has eight major league sports teams, along with numerous popular college teams.

The center of the sports action is the Wrigleyville neighborhood, where Wrigley Stadium is located. You’ll find it jampacked with fans when baseball season rolls around and the Cubs and the White Sox step up to the plate.

3. Enjoy All Four Seasons

The Midwest is known for its intense winters—numbing temperatures and frequent snowfall are commonplace for locals. However, Chicagoans still get to experience the other three seasons!

In fact, summer is a big hit in Chicago. People celebrate the season with dozens of festivals during the warmer months and visits to the strips of beach that line Lake Michigan.

4. Easily Navigate the City

Chicago has the second-largest public transportation system in the country, and it’s the perfect way to navigate the city if you’re hoping to trade in your car.

The Chicago Transportation Authority oversees the city’s bus routes and the “L” train system, which consists of street-level, above-ground, and underground tracks. The Metra is a commuter railway system that connects the suburbs to downtown Chicago.

Bikers will be happy to hear that Chicago has plenty of bike lanes throughout the city proper. It’s also a remarkably flat city, so you won’t have to brave any steep hills on your way to work. This makes it perfect for walkers too!

5. Experience the Unique Culture

Did you know that Chicago has one of the country’s largest Chinatown districts? From the Pilsen neighborhood to Little Italy to Greektown, Chicago is brimming with residents of every background.

If you’re looking for a diverse city, Chicago is the place to be. It’s filled with museums, mouthwatering restaurants, stunning art and music, and one-of-a-kind people. Essentially, you’ll never be bored living in Chicago.

Making the Decision to Move to Chicago

There are endless reasons why you should move to Chicago, and the list above just barely scratches the surface. But with this starter knowledge, you’ll begin to get a better idea of whether Chicago is right for you!

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