Why Patients Are More Captivated Towards Invisalign?


Do you ever notice uneven teeth of your colleagues? Uneven teeth are very perplexing. People feel awkward while talking to anyone because of bumpy teeth. Therefore, it is quite important to maintain ourselves not for other but for ourselves because elegance of face enhances our spirit. Thanks to avant-garde machineries, because of these latest technologies everything is possible in the medical field.  Patchy teeth can be also treated in our budget.

There are bundle of questions which generally spins in our mind like, which process is more effective, braces or invisalign? Which is pocket friendly? Is there any side effects? Why people are considering invisalign over braces? Etc. many more questions. Straight teeth in Carlisle are in the demand of many patients and they also want to resolve their question regarding myths of invisalign. Orthodontists will solve all the queries of the patients and patients will follow the instructions of dentist. Let us discuss why patients prefer invisalign treatment over braces?

Treatment Basics

Invisalign and Braces both are fabricated to straighten the teeth and enhancing the smile of patient. Metal braces are classical treatment for straightforward teeth. Metal braces are composed with the metal wires, and they are cemented by the dentist in such way as they take their proper place. Metal wires are bound by the tiny rubbers, which are available in different colours. Braces are clearly visible.

Invisalign are the best option to straighten our teeth, without using metals. Invisaligns are kind of removable tray known as aligners. They are artificial salver in the shape of our teeth. These are also welded by the orthodontist. Invisalign in Carlisle are constructive method of transforming bumpy teeth in to solid teeth.

6 Stages treatment of bumpy teeth

Straight teeth in Carlisle even in the world are achieved in 6 stages which are mentioned below:-

Stage 1. Consult to an orthodontist not just a dentist because orthodontists are specialised dentist for the treatment of uneven teeth. He will examine your oral health along with your previous medical history. If he find that you are cable of wearing customized frame for 24 hours, then only he will suggest you for invisalign.

Stage.2 After your check-up, orthodontist will plan your treatment. He will take the impression of your teeth by X-ray and few photographs for detailed study of your oral cavity. All this data are sent to dental laboratories where, lab technicians will manufacture customized frame of your teeth.

Stage.3 Your next appointment will be fixed after a month, when aligners are manufactured.

Stage. 4 When frame was ready. Orthodontists will bind then in your oral cavity for two weeks and this process will continue for several weeks.

Stage.5 When the last tray has been offered to the patient, Orthodontist advised them to take proper care of the aligners as well as maintain the oral health. Invisalign in Carlisle are one of the best service provided by the Orthodontist of the Carlisle.

Stage.6 Your treatment is approx. over by the Orthodontist but you need to wear aligners for couple of months. This is your responsibility to follow all the instructions of Orthodontist for better and quick response.

Why invisalign are preferred by Patients over braces?

  1. Invisalign are removable whereas braces are not removable. Due to its removable tendency, eating and drinking become simple but braces creates problem while feeding. This is one of the biggest reason that patient prefer invisalign.
  2. Braces are visible but invisalign are invisible. Straight teeth in Carlisle are one of the most demanded treatments of the town. Patients want to look beautiful therefore they choose invisalign because they are not seen by anyone.
  3. Invisaligns are more comfortable than braces because in aligners no brackets are present.
  4. Metal braces needs much time as compared to Invisalign treatments.
  5. Invisalign are budget friendly than Metal braces.
  6. Cleaning of invisaligns is simple but cleaning of metal braces is complicated.