Why is VoIP Pivotal to Your Business?

hosted voip

Whether you are processing the launching of a new business or already have one, it is extremely necessary to upgrade yourself and your business strategies. Your business survival is directly related to the growth with time. According to stats published in SBA Office of Advocacy, the percentage drops from 66% to 33% for the businesses that survive up to five years after taking a start. 40% of the companies do not reach the two-year mark, possibly due to an unreliable strategy. However, only 33% of businesses are able to celebrate a decade of success. The main reason behind this is the lack of dedication towards the latest trends and ideas.  

For every business, matter how large or small relies on telecommunications. It is a significant hallmark to ensure a constant presence from your brand. The biggest reliability check is through your communications. It’s a must to make yourself or any representative from your company, available 24/7 or at least in the office hours, to ensure your credibility. In the current era where everything relating to business happens remotely through email, video chat, social media, texting, and an unlimited number of phone calls, it’s quite impossible to be restricted to a traditional phone. Yet, it’s strange that some people still find themselves using the old copper wire phone systems, that are ripping them off monetarily.  

Are you one of those people tired of dealing with the headache of communications?  

The good news is that hosted VoIP can solve all your problems just in one go. All you need to do is to replace the outdated traditional phone system with the modern VoIP phones.  

Are you wondering what a VoIP phone is?  

For a layman, VoIP is a phone system that allows you seamless communications over the internet. It converts your audio, video, or multimedia signals to digital packets and sends them over the internet. It ensures a steady and quick transfer of your voice or multimedia to the other end.  

Let’s have a look at some of the signs that emphasize the necessity of having an upgraded phone system.  

Having an Old and Traditional Phone System  

Do you ever feel annoyed because of the ringing and buzzing of the desk phones? Well, you do – everyone does. It’s time that you switch to a system that helps your employees feel at ease, so that they may find pleasure in working rather than considering it a liability. Moreover, traditional phones are on the verge of becoming obsolete. The investors are avoiding investing in a system that will soon be wholly replaced by hosted VoIP phones, although it has to a large extent. The management and repairing get more expensive and costly with time due to the limit of different parts and the high cost of labor as very few people today deal with the traditional phones.  

You are Expanding your Business into Multiple Offices  

It is a fantastic feeling to see your business growing and flourishing until you realize you have outgrown your abilities to cater to more growth. Sometimes during the process, it so happens that you need to increase your call capacity, which is not a walk in the park. If you are with the traditional phone, it will halt you at the point of purchasing expensive additional equipment.    

As growth is the core of any business strategy, so it is inevitable. To make your business survivable and to count in those 33 percent who make it to the 10-years of successful business, you need to expand and grow at a rapid pace. However, planning expansion and executing it in real-time is a different chapter of the same story. An extension is a steady process that needs a lot of time and patience. Not only that, but you also have to keep a closer look even at the deeper things so that nothing catches you by surprise. You must be speculating how VoIP phones can help you with this.  

To your surprise, VoIP is not merely a phone system but a complete suite of business-friendly approaches that allow you to integrate not only with the outside but also with the team. It keeps the track record of all the communications that take place both within the premises and outside.  

You need more features to cope up with the needs of the business.  

Have you ever considered questions like: Are we paying too much for our telecommunications? How many calls are we handling every day? Which time is the best to receive calls? From what areas do we get the most calls from? Why does the customer hang up the call during call holding? Answer to these questions is all the reason why it’s time to switch to VoIP phone. The modern telephone system has answers to all these questions, and they can help you improve your plan of action. It allows you to focus on the locations and timings that give you the most business. Other features that the hosted VoIP offer include private branch exchange, softphone applications, CRM integrations, call stats, and more.  

Experiencing Conversation Eavesdropping  

Although wiretapping in traditional phones is not easy, but if someone manages to do it, there is no way that you can stop it or even it comes into your notice. It can lead your business to suffer from growth hacking, which is a complete hazard for a growing business. Growth hacking can leave you devastated within a few days because your ideas will be executed by your competitors even when you are just working on them. Modern phone systems ensure security by proving firewalls that strengthen your business’s safety on the communication fronts. These tools cater to all the risks involved with the IP calling.