Why is Thane the Best Suburb to Live in the MMR?


Thane is one of the most fastly developing cities in the vicinity of Mumbai. It is a city full of all the world-class modern amenities that too with a touch of nature. Many Mumbaikars are now turning to flats for sale in Thane to enjoy a relatively calm life in this lush green suburb. This amazing lake city features everything that you need from top-notch shopping areas to food connoisseurs. Moreover, you’ll find all the large brands like Zara, Marks & Spencer, Pizza Hut in the Generation Y of Thane.

Top Reasons Why Thane is the Best Suburb near Mumbai

Here are some of the top reasons why residents of Mumbai are now relocating to Thane:

Thane is one of those Suburbs in the proximity of Mumbai that enjoy seamless connectivity to the main city. It is only at a commutation of 30 mins from Mumbai easily accessible via the Eastern Express Highway. Because of its close location, many mega developers have started their new residential projects here.

Affordable Prices of Properties:

Even though the properties in Thane has witnessed a price hike but still it is quite affordable when compared with other areas. Over the past few years, the property rates have slightly increased in Thane also but still you can find affordable property here. You can still buy land for as low as 10-15,000/sq. ft. in any good location in Thane. Considering all the facilities that you can find in Thane, these prices seem quite affordable.

Enjoy Luxurious Life in Nature’s Lap:

Want to enjoy morning dew on your balcony deck but with all world class amenities? Then look no further because in Thane, it is possible to live this dream. There are 30 lakes in the vicinity of this city including the gorgeous Upvan Lake and the Yeoor Hills.

Therefore, you don’t need to leave your city to refresh your soul, you can just go for a picnic to one of the lakes. And the best part is that you can enjoy living this up-close with nature along with all the luxuries of the modern world.

Budget-Friendly Large Houses:

As the city of Thane is still developing, the chances of getting a big house here within your pocket are more. Because of this reason, many prospective homebuyers are now turning to Thane. As here they can find a much bigger house within the same price range. Even if you are looking to buy a property for investment, Thane will be perfect for you as the profit rates here are quite high. Over the past two years the properties in Thane increased approx. 30% of their original prices.

Jazz-Up your Boring Weekends with Classy Clubs:

If you are still wondering that you won’t be able to enjoy late night clubbing and hanging out with your friends in Thane, then you’re wrong. In this city, you can find some of the classiest nightclubs and pubs where you can enjoy late night partying with your gang. And the next part is that some of the clubs also offer ‘Only-Ladies’ Night’ making girls enjoy all they want.

World-Class Health Facilities:

Another basic concern that most people have whenever they look for a place to live is the availability of health facilities. If you are thinking about moving to Thane, then you don’t have to worry about health care facilities. Thane has state of the art hospitals like Jupiter and Bethany equipped with world-class technology in just a stone’s throw away.

Educate your Kids in India’s Most Prestigious Schools:

You can find some of the country’s most relished schools such as Vasant Vihar, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania and Rustomjee Cambridge International School in Thane. So, if you are thinking about relocating to this city but are worrying for the education of your children. Then you don’t have to due to the availability of educational institutes providing quality education.

Recreation Spots:

Another plus point of moving to Thane are the recreational spots here. There are so many weekend getaways in this amazing city that you can easily unwind with your family and friends whenever you want without travelling far.

To cut it short, if you want to enjoy all the perks of luxuries while living in a serene, natural environment, then you need to buy property in Thane and enjoy living your life to fullest by becoming a Mumbaikar cum Thaneite.