Why is it More Sensible to Choose Ducted Air Conditioning Over Split Systems?


If you feel a lot hotter this summer than the previous years, it is not a figment of your imagination. The climate is changing drastically, causing the temperature of the planet to rise faster and higher. Experts warn that the scorching heat will further intensify as time passes by.

Given this sad reality, you must take appropriate measures to keep you and your family cool and fresh, especially during the hot days. What better way to lower the temperature inside your home than by installing an efficient air conditioning system? 

If you are torn between ducted air conditioning and split systems, here are reasons why the former is the more sensible choice: 

It Cools the Entire Home

With a split air conditioning system, you can only cool the area where the unit is installed, which means there will still be rooms in your home that will make you sweat. How can you comfortably move around, do your activities, and invite friends over when you constantly avoid such stifling spaces? 

When you opt for a ducted air conditioner, your entire house can be cooled at the press of a button. You do not have to close doors to keep the cold air inside the bedroom or stay away from certain areas. Imagine how liberating it is to feel fresh and comfy instead of irritable and agitated because of heat as soon as you step inside your home.

It is More Cost-Effective

Perhaps the main reason why you are still hesitant to commit to a ducted system is the cost since split air conditioning is cheaper. While it is true that ducting requires serious investment upon installation, it is significantly more cost-effective in the long run. 

A split system may be more affordable if you are merely cooling a specific room. But imagine how much it will cost to install multiple systems to cool several rooms or your entire house? Add up the cost of maintenance work for each system, and the expenses will definitely burden you.

Ducted air conditioners are also specially designed to provide maximum energy efficiency. The system also has multiple features that offer incredible savings over time. For one, you have the option to cool certain portions or zones in the house if you will not need them. 

Perhaps you only need to cool your home at certain hours. If so, you can set the timer to only turn on at your desired time. The thermostat and sensors also work to maintain your desired temperature.

It is Aesthetically Pleasing

Ducted systems are practically invisible because they are installed on an external wall and a hollow portion of the roof. The only components visible are the controller and vents. With split air conditioning, on the other hand, you need to give up a certain part of your wall to mount a bulky unit.

Since your wall would be free from any hindrance in a ducted system, you can design any room in the house as you please. You also have all the walls at your disposal. On top of increasing the aesthetic value of your home, ducted air conditioners could also boost property value, which is helpful should you decide to put it up for sale.

Given the explanations above, it is evident that ducted air conditioning offers more advantages than the common split system. Keep in mind that while the initial investment may be pricey, the system’s overall benefits and longevity should more than offset the system and installation costs.