Why is a Career In Merchant Navy Unlike Any Other?


The Merchant Navy signifies the non-combatant ships used for transporting cargo. Mariners have to spend a large part of their lives at sea. Though the conditions on a ship could be cramped, monotonous or dangerous, yet people love to opt for this career because of the excellent earning potential and a chance to see the world. So if you have done marine engineering in India, a career in merchant navy offers an exceptional blend of diversity embraced in a single domain. In this career, you could combine a lot of facets and get a lot of experience in terms of adaptability, professionalism, and travel.

So if you wish to live a free life, which is full of exploration and new voyages to exotic lands, then a career in the merchant navy is the best for you.


Lucrative Salary Packages and Perks

Very few work options in the world have remunerations for the entry-level officers like the merchant navy. After pursuing marine engineering in India, the job opening start at around US$ 1,500 and go up to US$ 3,000 per month. Please note that there is a training period for almost a year wherein the cadets get a stipend in the range of $500 to $800. Then there are various perks of living in a plush ship, which is not available in other regular jobs.

Tax-Free Income

As per the Indian government, if an individual is not present in India for about 182 days, then he or she is not eligible to pay any tax. Thus, if your contract on the ship is for more than 182 days in a particular year, then it means no tax for you! And imagine getting paid in dollars, getting to work in a world-class environment and gaining rich experience is much more profitable that one can imagine.

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Adding New Destinations to Your List 

Unlike other office jobs, this job is quite adventurous as you get to travel to new regions and several parts of the world. One can travel almost every part of the world without having to shell out anything from your pocket. People have to spend lakhs of rupees to travel in good cruise liners, but with this career, you can travel to many exotic destinations for free. Though merchant navy jobs require a person to spend long periods spanning a few months at sea, there is no lack of time for exploring new and exciting destinations. Depending on the charter, the ship might sail through different countries every now and then, and this way you can keep adding newer places to your travel list.

Multi-Lingual People and Different Cuisines

Traveling around the world offers another benefit – meeting people from new countries, getting to know various cultures and cuisines and if you are a foodie, then it’s a never-ending party for you! Other than that, when you meet new people and hear their experiences, you get to learn so many new things in your life.

Lessons of Professionalism

Working in the merchant navy requires individuals to possess good communication skills, resourcefulness, and maintaining high discipline. The people working on a ship not only evolve professionally but also get refined personally. They get lessons of professionalism along with new degrees of responsibility towards the ship and the crew. As the employees need to complete given tasks in a limited amount of time, thus they become more disciplined and proficient.

Extended Vacations

Since the nature of this job requires longer working periods going up to a few months, the vacations they get are equally compensating. This facility enables these people to enjoy their life both on land and water. A vacation of at least a couple of months to four months is long enough to relax and follow all your passions. During this vacation period, these professionals have absolutely no work stress of work and get to enjoy their time with their family.

So, if you are someone who has uninhibited passion and zest for life, then it’s a good idea to look for best B. Tech marine engineering colleges in India and opt for a merchant navy career. You will never regret this choice and get to enjoy many perks that other jobs cannot offer.

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