Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident?

personal injury lawyer

Did you know that despite an overall reduction in miles driven, US driving fatalities actually increased by 4.6% during 2020 as compared to 2019? Government agencies speculate that this increase in deadly car accidents mostly has to do with drivers increasing their speeds as fewer cars were on the roads.

Millions of car accidents plague the roads of the world every year. Most of these accidents could have been prevented as one or more drivers are at fault for causing the accident.

If you have been in a car accident, chances are you need a personal injury lawyer, but why? What exactly is a personal injury lawyer and what can they do for you? In this post, we examine the reasons why a personal injury lawyer is necessary and what to do if you are in a car accident.

After the Crash

A mindboggling 3 million people are injured in car accidents every year in the United States. This means your chances of getting in a car accident at least once in your driving life is very likely. So, what to do when you get into your first fender-bender?

First of all, never leave the scene of a car accident without first talking with all involved and/or the police. To leave the scene of an accident is a serious crime called hit and run. At the very least, you must exchange insurance information or reach an agreement with the other driver that no action is necessary.

After speaking with the other driver or drivers and reporting the incident with the police, the next thing you want to do is seek medical attention. Even if you don’t feel you were badly injured, it is a good idea to have yourself checked out. Oftentimes, injuries are not apparent at the time as adrenaline is high and some injuries take time to set and cause pain.

There are some very important questions that need answering when an accident occurs. For example, does the police report suggest which driver is at fault? Is your insurance provider going to offer a fair settlement? These are only a few of your concerns when seeking a settlement after a car accident and that why we suggest thinking first – call a personal injury lawyer near me, even before calling your insurance provider.

Why Call a Personal Injury Attorney

There are many reasons why so many people avoid calling a personal injury lawyer following their car accident. Some have a false belief calling a lawyer could get them in more trouble with the law or their insurance company. This simply is not the case.

Others believe calling a lawyer will immediately cost them unnecessary money. Although attorneys do bill you for representation, many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis which means you don’t have to pay them unless they when the case for you. At the very least many personal injury attorneys offer free initial consultations.

Lawyers Know the Law

We would like to believe that we understand the rules of the road. The fact is that the law is very complicated and understanding car accident liability is anything but simple. Experienced personal injury lawyers and paralegals not only know the ever-developing laws, they know how the court systems work and how to use the system to your best advantage.

Going it alone, you risk making a mistake in your claim. What if you file too late? What if you accuse the wrong defendant? Is there missing information or evidence you fail to produce?

So many things can go wrong and you will not get to try again if you fail. You get one chance at recovery so make sure you’re doing everything right. What better way to ensure your navigating the legal system correctly than having a seasoned personal injury lawyer do it for you?

Find Out Potential Damages You Could Claim

Do you know your rights? Unless you are an attorney yourself, you likely don’t know what you could potentially claim. You may be entitled to compensation for property damage, disability, disfigurement, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

If you sustained an injury that causes incapacitation, you may also claim loss of wages and even compensation for your family’s loss of your companionship. These are only a few of the settle points you may want to include in your claim and without a legal team, you are likely to miss them.

Dealing With the Insurance Company

Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny claims that they shouldn’t. They will certainly try to pay out as little as possible. Usually, without an attorney to fight for a fair amount, they may offer you far less than your claim is worth.

Most insurance claims settle quickly and outside the courts, as the insurance company has no interest in enduring the additional costs of going to court with your claim. Without a personal injury attorney to represent you, how can you know if the insurance company is offering you a fair settlement?

An attorney specializing in auto accidents is in a unique position to negotiate the settlement for you. Filing your case and proving your case are two different things and in the tricky world of evidence vs liability vs settlement – it is best to have the experience and tenaciousness of a lawyer fighting for you.

Get a Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away

Accidents happen, all the time. This fact alone means you should protect yourself and seek professional legal counsel to ensure you are properly represented in and outside the courts.

If you are involved in a car accident, no matter how severe, it is imperative that you contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. The best personal injury lawyers will always be prepared to answer your questions and guide you on what to do next.

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