Why does Every Family need a 2020 GMC Yukon XL?



5 things to know about GM's new Yukon, Yukon XL SUVsWhen looking for a vehicle for family use, the first thing which comes to mind includes safety, ample space, etc. It is quite understandable that you would look for a car that will transport your family from one place to another without a hitch. This is why more people are interested in buying a Yukon XL 2020 version from a GMC dealership near Watsonville.

What makes this car ideal for a family?

Yukon XL comes with a spacious interior that can seat 7 to 8 people easily. When driving off to a weekend getaway with family or simply carpooling, the 2020 Yukon XL is the ultimate vehicle. It offers ample seating space along with sufficient cargo space for luggage.

Apart from this, the exterior is quite sturdy which makes it safer to drive one’s family in it without much worry. High quality materials are used for manufacturing this vehicle’s exterior as well as interior portion.

In addition, it has a towing capacity of 7,400-7,800 pounds. All these make Yukon XL 2020 an ideal family car. However, if you are still not satisfied, you should know about some of the other details of this car like the engine specification, safety features, etc.

Take a look!

Engine and its performance

V8 engine is what makes this vehicle a powerful one in the heavy SUV segment. The 6.2L engine on Yukon XL along with automatic 10-speed transmission makes riding this beast quite a fun experience. This vehicle accelerates smoothly and is available in FWD as well as AWD drivetrain.

Though one might feel steering inputs’ response is slow, this car offers spirited driving with surprising promptness. Also, its suspension aids in driver and passengers to have a smooth and comfortable ride without any feeling of unsettlement or fluster.

The braking system is stable and substantial to stop this car even when at a certain high speed limit. It consists of a fuel tank that is 28 gallon and offers mileage of 16 mpg in cities and 20 mpg on highway.

Safety features and price

Another reason for people to visit Watsonville GMC dealer for the Yukon XL 2020 is its safety features. This vehicle did splendidly on the NHTSA test and is equipped with several standard safety features on every available trim.

A few of the features include assistance with lane keeping; warning for lane departure and forward collision. In addition, it comes with automatic low speed emergency braking, crossing traffic alerts, blind-spot monitor, etc.

The starting price of this vehicle is $51,895, which is the SLE trim. The SLT trims start from $59,095 and lastly, Denali variants start from $68,995. When opting for the Yukon XL, most people prefer the SLT versions. However, many people to prefer Denali option as it comes equipped with everything that makes it the perfect family car.

Hopefully, it is clear now to you that why GMC Yukon XL 2020 is a must have family car for all households. All you need now is a test ride before booking it from a GMC dealership.