Why Do You Need To Watch This Biryani Cooking Video?

Biryani Challenge

On YouTube, there are so many channels that are present to provide the cooking videos. You can find the channels in various languages. One of the popular YouTube channels is providing the Biryani Cooking Challenge with the famous and skillful YouTubers. You will find this video to be useful to learn about how to make biryani, and also, this will be full entertainment for the food addicts. If you are the first time visitor of this channel’s video then you will definitely become the regular viewers and also the member in the subscriber’s list.

How interesting is this biryani challenge?

Most of the people in India like to eat biryani, as this is the favorite food. The other reason is that they have never find the taste and aroma of this dish from any other type of dish. The Chicken Biryani vs Mutton Biryani video is a more surprising one for the viewers as they will able to find each and every second to be more exciting and have no time to blink their eyes. The cook-Off is provided by the channel called Rusk Media. Here the famous anchors who have hosted the  Living In Trend show on youtube called the Abhishek Thakur and Rohit Saluja. These two people are going to prepare the chicken and the mutton biryani. Also, they itself are going to eat the dish that too within the short span of the time.

The cooking challenge will be more surprising with a lot of the comedies filled in it. These two people, after completing the cooking, they are going to engage in the eating challenge also.  The food challenge is the most viewed video in the youtube that, too, when it is the biryani eating challenge. The experienced anchors are trying to impress the judges and the viewers with their special biryani recipe in this eat treat food challenge.

How to make the chicken and muttor briyani receiepeis?

The most common food challenge India is the biryani challenge, and so this popular youtube channel is conducting this show. The anchors are also saying that the foodie we challenge will be exciting. Both of them are more confident and also well prepared to attend the biryani challenge show.  Rohit prepares chicken biryani and Abhishek for the mutton biryani. It will be more interesting for the viewers. The tempting sensation is guaranteed when they watch the foodie challenge. For the chicken biryani recipe, the Rohit is gathering the ingredients. If you are the viewer, do not know how to make chicken biryani then watch this video.

You will find the clear specification of the ingredients like the chili powder, coriander powder, onion, oil, etc. It will be clear, and also you can side by side to learn about the preparation of the mutton biryani recipe. As a foodie, we are preparing the recipes for the audience who are housewives, cooking addicts, food addicts, and the others. After the preparation of mutton biryani and chicken, biryani is over, then the judges are ready to taste and announce the winner. Thus from the starting of this few minutes video to the end, you will feel mouthwatering.