Why Digital Transformation Is So Important


Digital TransformationIt’s no secret that the world revolves around technology – it’s embedded and ingrained into everything that we do in our day to day lives and without it, we’d all be entirely lost. In the business world, there’s nothing more important than the platforms that are used on a day to day basis, facilitating the entire company’s operations to ensure smooth and effective running. What’s equally important is the process of digital adoption, which enables the people within your business to properly utilize the tools at their disposal, so that they can perform their duties as effectively as possible. The technology available is ever-changing, so creating a culture that embraces and utilizes tech is one of the most significant advantages that you can give to a company.

A recent survey found that approximately 80% of executives say that their organizations have begun to undertake a digital transformation. Yet, only 14% say that their efforts have led to performance improvements. This is because digital transformation can be tricky to get right, and you need to ensure that you are bringing together the right combination of new technologies with a clear plan, rather than merely investing in a one-size-fits-all solution. Because of this, you must choose a service provider that can guide you through the process using their expert knowledge, a service provider such as Ebb3.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Simply put, digital transformation is the integration of new digital technologies – achieved through digital adoption – into a workplace, with the end goal of optimizing current processes and operations. Throughout a digital transformation, there’s a lot of moving cogs – the process spans across communication, implementing procedures and systems, and much more.

However, digital transformation can often create barriers just as quickly as it destroys them, which is why the right partner is the key to success for many companies. Some of the main benefits of collaborating with an expert supplier on a digital transformation project include:

  • A reduction in onboarding time, helping you to achieve digital adoption as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Reduces the burden on IT support thanks to a more knowledgeable and technologically capable workforce
  • Lowered user resistance to new software, which will allow you to integrate new systems more effectively in the future
  • An improved time: value ratio
  • Increased productivity

While integrating new technology and software into your day-to-day operations can be tricky, the result of increased productivity and unified user experience are just some of the many benefits to be reaped at the end of the process.

It might be something that seems too obvious to state. Still, digital transformation is perhaps the most crucial process for any business looking to cement itself in the modern age, so finding not only the right tools and platforms but also the right service provider, to aid you in implementing these new procedures and functions is imperative to the overall success of the company moving forwards.