Why data science certification is in demand as a career option?


Are you interested in data science? Want a high paid salary in data science?

You will get all the answers with full details of data science and its career options here. According to the research of 2021, data science is the highest paid industry to get into.

It follows the law of economics – demand, and supply. The demand for data science is very high and the supply is very low. Thinking of computer science years back, the internet was the thing by which many people were making a lot of money. Everyone wanted to become a programmer, a web designer or anything related in the computer science industry. Salaries were great in exceptional situations. With time, salaries got lower with the increasing demand of students catching the field of computer science. But still, the industry has somewhat above average salary payment when compared to other industries. A similar thing is occurring in the data science industry now. Get enrolled on a Big Data Analytics course in Malaysia, as the demand is very high and supply is low, thus the salaries are very high above expectancy.

Demand and values

Data-driven decision making is rising in its popularity. While in the past years, the analyst uses software such as Excel for analyzing data, but now things are changing.

Technology is now enough advanced for having tools such as below.

  1. Google analytics for the department of marketing.
  2. Complicated ERPs are breaking down the information and developing it into visualizations. Such examples are SAP and Microsoft dynamics for the analyst of business, supply chaining management, and HR, etc.
  3. Microsoft Power BI, Tableau is for the business department which is the sub-industry of data science.
  4. The analyst can visualize the data in ways and not cover unexpected insights.
  5. Improvements in the outstanding programming languages like R and Python which allows you to perform the complicated analyses with the lines of codes.

Not only large companies have the data science division. Small businesses, local businesses, blogs, etc, use analytics on Google for their needs which have huge profits from it. This is part of data science. You do not need to be doing machine learning for monetizing data science.

If your competitors are depending on the decision making which is driven by data it will surpass and steal your share in the market. So, you must adapt and use data science techniques and tools as well or you will be forced into the business.


Data Analytics can help you become the market leader with its multiple advantages. Only due to this reason, many corporations are focusing on Data Analyst, Data Science, Data Scientist and Tools/algorithms for reaching their target goal. Recruitment for this particular field is increasing every day. There are many institutes for empowering people to get a Big Data Analytics course. You must remember that the demand will continue to grow as expected the result would be something such as the computer science industry where demand grows faster and the supply for a long time. Thus, yes, data science is on the rise where both from the perspective of the company and the perspective of the employee. This makes data science a great industry to get into at the moment.