Why Cotton Pique Fabric is a Good Choice?

pique cotton

There are so many fabrics that you can choose for your clothing and dresses. Of course, in case you design clothes then a big factor is of fabrics. If your fabrics are not good, the design or formation might not be that impactful. And good news is that there is no shortage in fabrics.

There are so many types of fabrics like denim, chiffon, Cotton pique fabric and many other. You need to find out which type of fabric is going to be most apt for your clothes. You know what, this Cotton Pique is characteristically derived from cotton fibers featuring the raised parallel cords or even that of ribbing. This sort of fabric caters a stamped appearance resembling different patterns encompassing, but not restricted to, waffle, ribbed, honeycomb, birds-eye, and bullseye patterns. Because of the ribbing and that of stiffer yarns, pique fabric is characteristically a medium weight. With a bit more body than that of your typical cotton woven, piques are mostly used for polo shirts, pants, blouses, or even that of household items such as quilts or that of bedding.

What really is this Pique?

A pique fabric is a type of fabric that is created making use of a dobby loom attachment. It is characteristically woven or knit and has patterns of refine ribbing or cording. Pique fabric varies from your standard jersey t-shirt as it owns a textured, waffle weave appearance whereas jersey tees have stunning, flat surfaces. Woven piques generally own parallel cording running the length of the fabric and knit piques many times feature ribbing or flimflam weaves.

Remember that pique fabrics are characteristically medium weight and are formed up using cotton and cotton-polyester blends. One perk of the patterns forming using the dobby loom attachment, is that the weave remains airy and caters additional ventilation. This is specifically nice for knit pique polo shirts that get worn in warm in the months of summer.

Most Popular with Polo Shirts 

Pique knitting generates polo shirts that are usually considered more formal than that of their jersey polo counterparts. These are durable, have dimension and even that of texture, show sweat less, but do incline to wrinkle a bit more than simply standard jersey knits. Ultimately, going for pique fabric is a wonderful way to achieve a more formal look in the absence of being forced to dust off your long sleeve button up. It is sophisticated, but not at all stuffy. In terms of downsides to pique, stay mindful that it slopes to wrinkle- but that is about it! And not to forget that these pique polo shirts are an eternal wardrobe staple, and as the birth of the first polo shirt in the year 1926, have continued to be a must-have for males, females, and even children.


So, it is time that you get pique cotton and get the best clothing done. You would not experience any shallowness. You would find this fabric refined and effective once you try it. You can find the best quality for sure.