Why Chevrolet Blazer 2020 is the Crossover SUV you want?


One of the largest car segment which is available the market is the SUV type. Every brand has a few different SUV models in the market for people to take a test drive and purchase one. Therefore, when an individual decides to visit in North Houston Chevrolet dealership places, the first car he/she wants to check out is the new 2020 Blazer. With sturdy design and sufficient power under hood, this car is quite the catch.

Have a look at why this is the SUV you want!

Choice of engine

One of the primary reasons people love this crossover SUV is the engine choices offered by Chevrolet. The standard selection comes with a four-cylinder 2.5L engine that has the capability of offering 193 horsepower. If this sounds not enough to satisfy your driving thrills, there is another option!

The other choice is a V6 with 3.6L option that gives the driver an enormous horsepower of 308. Both of these come with automatic 9-speed transmission. However, people looking for AWD (all-wheel drive) drive train, will have to purchase the V6 trim as it is available only in that.

Though the standard model has ample power for driving in a town or highway, the optional V6 provides tremendous power along with impeccable acceleration that makes passing other vehicles on highway an easy task.

It takes 6.3 seconds for the car to reach 60 mph from zero and 4.6 seconds is the time for bridging 50 to 70 mph gap. This makes it one of the fastest vehicles in its category. Also, due to its sturdy body and tough features, the AWD version has the ability of towing 4,500 pounds. However, the FWD one can tow a maximum of 1,500 pounds.

In addition, this offers a fuel efficiency of 22 mpg when you drive it in city and a maximum of 27 mpg when driving on any highway. Moreover, this vehicle’s start and stop technology helps it in saving fuel and improving it.

Models you can buy

Since Chevy understood the need of their customers, they ensured that there is something for all, which is why they manufacture six different variants of this car. The vehicle includes base models which are L at $29,995 and LT at $33,495. The mid-level range includes 2 LT at $33,995 and 3 LT at $38,195. Lastly, the best models consist of RS $42,500 and Premier at $43,895.

Most people visiting a Chevrolet dealer North Houston, goes for the RS or Premium version as they offer the best features that makes ride comfortable for all. However, many even opt for 3LT trim too. It is not suggested that you buy the base models as they do miss a few features and thus, a 2LT at least is the option which is just a few hundred dollars more than the base models.

Now that you know about this vehicle in detail, it is not surprising that you now understand why this is the crossover SUV to buy in 2020. Stop waiting; book yours immediately and enjoy what this car offers!