Why Buying a Flat in a Community Township is Good Option


Today, the developers are tapping the mind-set of the buyers and are providing them with all the amenities and facilities that the buyers want. Right from the retail shops to the grocery stores, a well-developed community township has everything steps away!

Basically, Community Township is a cluster of residential apartments or villas along with many other facilities like clubhouse, gardens, shops, recreational activities and pretty much everything that offers an excellent living. Talking about the Luxury flats in Jaipur, the township projects provide a large area and fairly low prices as compared to individual homes and with all the modern amenities.

As the demand for better housing is increasing, there is also an increase in community projects as according to many home buyers, Buying a Flat in a Community Township is better over independent homes. 

The buyers and investors are inclined towards these projects in a large number as these integrated townships offer them significant benefits of a township in a good price bracket.

Understand the latest housing trends,


The Hype of Sustainable Living

The Millennials and the generation X and Y’s prefer sustainable living and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Owing to the same, the developers and builders have come up with projects that have green landscaping, lush green gardens and open spaces.

These features will facilitate a better lifestyle and healthy environments around their homes. Moreover, the green building concept is in the trend these days and Mahima Group in Jaipur is focussing on incorporating the same in their upcoming project, Mahima’s Florenza in Patrakar colony, Mansarovar.


Walk to Work Concept

One of the major benefits of buying a flat in township is that all the upcoming residential towns are incorporating commercial and retail spaces in their premises.

The walk to work concept has been introduced to reduce the time taken to travel from home to their offices so that one can save time in commute. The reduction of travelling will also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.

Now let’s get to the real deal,


5 Benefits of living in a township

Nowadays, the people of major metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Jaipur are preferring integrated living. 

The supply for employment and the demand for housing are proportional to each other.

As there is an influx of young professionals, there is also a rise in the demand of better housing facilities, townships with multiple amenities and 2 BHK/3 BHK residencies, the builders are developing luxury flats to meet the demand.

Take a look at a few perks that community living offers.

1. Distinguished amenities

When you move into your new home, you expect it to be full of amenities that can offer a comfortable lifestyle. Most of the townships have a clubhouse that has facilities like a swimming pool, gymnasium, yoga deck, indoor games and all that you will need for a healthy living.

Apart from that, there are also provided for kids like crèche and kids play area which offers the young residents a dedicated space to grow, learn and play. Thus, many couples and nuclear families are turning to community living for a fulfilling lifestyle.

2. Unmatched Security

The safety and security is everyone’s prime concern, and undoubtedly, the security in townships is far better than individual homes.

CCTV cameras, security personnel’s and continuous monitoring are reasons why community life is safer and better. Moreover, the maintenance team trains for all the disaster management activities and regular drills are carried out to make them efficient at the time of any untoward accident.

3. Holistic Living

Against an independent home or a standalone building, a community offers various resources like open areas, gardens, jogging tracks and much more for people of all age groups. Away from the bustle of the city, the townships provide you a better environment to live in and thus enhances your quality of life.

Along with this, there is also a walk to work possibility if you live in a township which has commercial spaces further reducing your commute time and giving you better work opportunities if you plan to invest in the business

4. Financially beneficial 

A perfect home with spectacular amenities at a price that fits your pockets comes only when you choose a flat in an integrated township! Rather spending heaps on an independent house and paying a few extra thousands over health clubs and other recreational activities, you can buy a home in a secure community and enjoy the benefits buying a flat in township.

Furthermore, if you are looking forward to saving money or wish to invest in the same, buying a flat will be a better option as well. Many apartments have 80% loanable facility and easy EMI payments with which you can purchase or invest in the ready to move or under construction properties with ease.

And the result? Major money saving!

5. Social experience

While living in a community township, you get to experience the best kind of social life. You get to meet the neighbours of the same mindset and maintain healthy friendships that wouldn’t have been otherwise possible if you go for individual living.

Additionally, the joy of celebrations and festivities are enthusiastic as compared to the ones you celebrate at home, allowing you to enjoy every festival to its fullest.


Choose Community Township for a better living

Townships are the current big thing that the Indian Real Estate market has to offer. The ease of life, shopping areas and medical facilities in the vicinity are making integrated townships the first choice of home buyers.

Along with many commercial areas, there are also recreational facilities which give us enough reasons why apartment living is better than individual living. Moreover, society living turns out to be a joyful experience overall.

The most sought after flats In Jaipur are based according to the user needs to offer them a lifestyle that is more than just four walls.