Why Blockboard is Just What You Need for Personalised Furniture?


There is nothing like creating furniture with your own two hands. Today, with access to ready-to-use furniture, it has become commonplace for several homes to have the same furniture. This not only makes homes look mundane but they also do not reflect the taste and preference of homeowners. That is why you should not shy away from working with a carpenter to create your furniture.

While there are several types of wood that you can use to make furniture, some are preferred over the others due to the added benefits they provide. That is why you must check out all the available options to find the one that is best suited to your needs.

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If you have never heard of blockboard then you will get excited after learning the advantages of this type of wood.

What is Blockboard?

As the name suggests, it is a board but made from compound wood strips that are layed end-to-end. The two pieces are then sandwiched between two thick layers of hardwood veneer. The resultant compound wood is then subjected to heat and pressure so that all the layers fuse together, leading to blockboards.

If you haven’t used this amazing product, now is the time to do so. However, it is best to understand its qualities before you commit to it. So,here are some benefits of using blockboards, which are favoured by furniture manufacturers and interior designers.


Compared to other types of engineered wood, this wood is lightweight. As a result, it enhances the life of your furniture as you do not have to worry about the wood exerting pressure on the joints and hinges. Also, since it is lightweight, you can easily transport it from one place to another. Even if the furniture is made elsewhere, you will not find it difficult to transport it to your home as the cost will not be high.


This engineered wood is not that expensive and you will not feel the pinch when you invest in it. If you are looking for affordable wood with good strength and durability, then blockboards are just what you need. It ensures cost optimisation without any hassles.

No Sagging and Warping

You will find that blockboards are stiff and hence, they do not bend in the middle like solid wood does. This property makes them perfect for the purpose of creating tables, bookshelves, wall cabinets, and long benches.

Resistant to Borers and Termites

Blockboards are forged using a heavy-duty adhesive, high pressure, and extreme heat. That makes the engineered wood resistant to termites and other boring insects. So, you can rest assured about the longevity of your furniture as it will not fall victim to borers and termites.

Poor Conductor of Electricity, Heat, and Sound

Blockboards are poor conductors of electricity, sound, and heat. Hence, besides making bookshelves, tables, and benches with this engineered wood, you can also use it for making switchboards, partitions, and wall panels. Use the wood where you feel this property can work to your advantage.

Easy to Handle and Work With

If you love DIY furniture, you will find that blockboards are extremely easy to work with. They can hold nails and screws without any problems and you will find loose grains falling when you drill holes into it. Furthermore, you can paint the boards without worrying about the paint leaving the wood soft and brittle. In fact, its unique structure is what makes this the right choice for coastal areas where salt content in the air is high. Saline water does not cause a block board to get soft and pulpy.

The Bottom Line

Blockboards are strong and stable due to the way they are created. They are a wise investment. You can get them in a range of sizes and thickness, allowing you to pick and choose what you want. Today, Centuryply blockboard is considered the best in the market, and you can create a stunning collection of furniture with it, the likes of which is bound to wow anyone who sees it.

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