Why Are Septic Inspections Important?


When was the last time you got a septic inspection? While not part of your annual maintenance process for your home, septic inspections should be done every three years or so if you want to avoid any septic problems.

Do you think of it as an unnecessary and costly expense?

It’s worth it to get a septic inspection as part of your home maintenance checklist. Keep reading to learn why.

It Prevents Future Problems

Too many people don’t bother having someone out to check their septic system until it’s too late. Things that may present as small problems are actually big problems; you’re just seeing the earliest symptoms.

When you get your septic tank inspected, your inspector can inform you of anything small or instruct you on how to prevent problems in the future. This way you can change any bad habits or get any necessary fixes taken care of before you end up with a plumbing disaster.

You don’t want a septic system failure on your hands.

It’s Cost-Effective

Speaking of plumbing disasters and failed septic systems, do you know how much it can cost to fix a septic system that’s gone wrong?

It can cost thousands of dollars to fix or replace a septic system that has too much damage. While it may seem unnecessary to spend money to have an inspector come see your system, that money is nothing in comparison to how much you’ll spend to fix things.

While you’re having someone fix things, you may also need to spend money on alternative lodging while your plumbing no longer works.

It also saves you time. When it comes to the few minutes for an inspection in comparison to the time that it will take to fix your entire system, there’s no comparison. A septic inspection is a clear time and money saver.

You’re a New Homeowner

Are you about to close on a new house? In this case, you definitely need to get the septic tank inspected. It should be a part of any home inspection before you finish the buying process.

Many homeowners may not be aware of the condition of their septic tank if it hasn’t been showing symptoms of things going wrong. Even if they are aware, they may want to leave those problems for the buyer to deal with.

A house that seems affordable on the surface becomes less so when you add in the expenses of a septic tank failure, so having an inspector check it out beforehand can save you a lot of money.

Is a Septic Inspection Part of Your Home Maintenance?

Having a septic inspection as part of your routine home maintenance process can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration in the long run. Avoiding costly and destructive septic trouble is key if you don’t want to ruin your home.

When was the last time you got your septic tank inspected? It’s time to do it again.

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