Which Type Of Fabric Is Perfect Choice For Men’s Clothing?

pique cotton

Usually, it is assumed that only ladies are more concerned about the quality and texture of unstitched clothing and men really don’t bother about what they are actually buying. This same wrong notion also prevails about their dressing routine. But being a man, I can definitely claim that we MEN prefer to take our complete time in buying things for us be it a shoe or a dress, men like me are quite particular. I prefer buying things carefully.

Many times we get stuck to a point where we are unable to find the perfect cloth for our shalwar Kameez, formal or safari suits. We hesitate to buy unstitched suits online because we can never be sure about the quality and fabric weave. Even big brands don’t guarantee a high-end fabric. So, buying fabric online as well as offline demands wise efforts.

Fabric we prefer in summer – soft and light-weight

Now questions arise here that which fabric is the best suited for men’s clothing, how to select the best fabric and where to buy the best fabric. These questions are not easy to answer but I have still managed to assist you a bit about the fabric and have found few online clothing stores for men that can help you get the fabric of your type without ever compromising on quality.

Because summer has just started and you must be looking for some soft, light-weight and light-tone fabric that can give you a cool feeling. No one wants to wear thick layered fabric because of the scorching heat that comes in Pakistan every year from May till August. Well, let’s get back to the main topic that needs your full attention! Which fabric to opt for if we are going for online shopping for men or if we are going to visit a physical store.

My Friend’s recommendation that really worked

I will be briefly covering the topic of fabric selection for summers. But before that, I must introduce you to an amazing men’s clothing brand. One of my friends shared his experience of buying from the online store of Jeeva textiles. You must be thinking why I mentioned their name here? It is because I was so much impressed by his reviews that I finally landed on their website and ordered the unstitched fabric.

I was amazed to see and feel the quality of their unstitched suits online. They are selling cotton wear, blended wear, textured wear, the premium wear and silk wear in their unstitched category. Basic these are the main categories. When you will open each category, you will find further fabric types to select from.

From Giza cotton to cotton lawn to wash and wear to Boski to silk, they have almost all types of top-notch fabrics available. So basically, you can select any of your favorite fabrics in unstitched form from their website and utilize it as per your requirement. Following are some of the unstitched men’s suits that you can go for this summer season.

Best fabric choices for Summer Season

Pure Giza Soft cotton

Usually, we don’t prefer to wear pure cotton when the hot weather is at its peak but trust me, this pure Giza cotton is something you shouldn’t miss. This smoothly weaved fabric can be used to make formal shirts or shalwar Kameez or kurta pajama. Many brands are selling unstitched cotton suits online at very reasonable prices.

Premium Wash & Wear

By far, this is the hot favorite choice of men for the summer season because it is super soft and highly comfortable to wear. If you prefer wearing something light-weight, then wash and wear fabric is just for you. This fabric can be used to make desi shalwar kameez for daily wear.

Roman Boski

You might find ordinary Chinese boski everywhere but this roman spun silk fabric is not something you will find at every store. This fabric gives a quite luxurious feel due to its composition. If you are a man who loves to stay on top of fashion even in Eastern style then get your Roman Boskikurti stitched as soon as possible! The range of boski suit price is from 2500 and above online.

Egyptian Cotton

You must be thinking what is the difference between normal cotton and Egyptian cotton. Let me give you clarity here. The climate in Egypt produces longer fibers than any other normal cotton. These long fibers are then spun into highly fine threads, which are then further woven into a top-grade fabric. This soft fabric can be another good choice for the summer season.

Pure Silk

The most premium of all is the silk fabric which gives a luxurious feel due to its shine, thinness and softness. Some men just love wearing shirts and Kameez made of silk. Usually, online unstitched clothes shopping doesn’t give you many options to buy silk fabric. It comes in many beautiful colors as compared to other fabrics. The only flaw is that you have to keep it safe as it is very delicate.

If you are planning to make your go-to go shalwar kameez then select wash and wear, if you want to get your shalwar Kameez stitched for any occasion then Giza cotton can work really well. If you want to get a formal shirt stitched then go for textured fabric or simple cotton. Now let’s come to the last part where we can find these fabric types. You can visit jeevatextiles.com if you want every kind of fabric under one roof. Otherwise, you can visit the online store of Gul Ahmed, Almirah or Raja Saheb.