Which Hair System Is the Best – Lace Hair System Or Thin Skin Hair System?


Nowadays, there are endless varieties when it comes to hairpieces, wigs, and human hair systems and their base options. The base of a hair system is on which the human or artificial hair is attached. So, if you have opted for a permanent hair system attachment, then the base of the hair system must look as natural as possible, as you have to wear it every day. Other than the natural look, the bottom of the system should be durable and must feel comfortable.

The most popular bases of hair systems are Lace and a thin Polymer called skin. Let’s understand this better and see what their pros and cons are.

Understanding Base Design

The base is the material used to create the foundation of the hair system, or in other words, the base layer is where the hair is attached to. The most popular bases are beautiful lace and thin skin.

Thin Skin Hair Systems

Thin skin is known as a solid-surface polyurethane hair replacement system base material. It is non-porous, which means that air, water, or even sweat doesn’t pass through it. It is light and quite comfortable, and the best advantage is that it looks very natural and fits onto your scalp.

Thin skin hair systems have brilliant front hairlines appearances and mostly have looped ventilation at the front. The lifespan of a thin skin hair system is around 13 weeks if handled with proper care. The most delicate bases generally have the hair looped or tied in the base material. These hair systems are breathable, but they do not sufficiently permit air to circulate, and if worn in a hot or tropical climate, it can become quite warm.

Other advantages of a thin skin hair system are that it is very soft, light-weight, easy to attach, and very easy to clean. It also looks like your own scalp when worn. These days, there are translucent super thin skin hair systems that are excellent for people who are looking for a natural and well-groomed look.

Fine Lace Hair System

An elegant lace hair system is comparatively soft and undetectable. It is lace or a finely knitted mesh fabric that is quite popular as a non-surgical hair replacement option. In this case, a fine multifilament synthetic lace or thread is used on which hair is hand-tied. This system is quite breathable, and another advantage is that the scalp while wearing the hair system.

Lace hair systems are available in variants such as Swiss, French, and Hollywood compositions. These are quite comfortable and also durable as compared to other hair systems and are come in different sizes.

However, there could be a minor bump at the point where the materials meet in the front hairline part, but the appearance is still quite good, but it is usually not as natural looking as the Thin Skin hair systems. The ventilation type in this one is knotted, and the life span could go up to two months.

The Swiss Lace variants are the best, and it is entirely not detectable when attached. As lace is used as a base here, you can see your scalp and have a perfect unnoticeable hairline.

But it has a delicate nature, which is why it is not recommended for clients who have high-density hair. French and Swiss Lace are quite soft, almost invisible, and breathable even for hot weather.

Which is the best for you?

What is best for someone, but not be suitable for you, as both variants have their pros and cons. It entirely depends on your lifestyle, size, requirement, and what’s your need for comfort and durability.

New Times Hair has trained experts who specialise in customising the best hair system base as per your needs and your lifestyle.