Where to Find Best Food in Jaisalmer

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Jaisalmer is a tourist spot with age-old culture and convention. The cooking of Jaisalmer is one of a kind when contrasted with different places in Rajasthan. Jaisalmer food reflects the lavishness in their way of life and their closeness to the desert. You can without much of a stretch locate a rich healthy supper here. Dissimilar to various other places of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer doesn’t depend more on oil or butter. You can discover numerous dishes with shredded vegetables. Desert elements like beans, capers, and flavors are ordinarily utilized in this food.

The zestiest of the dishes is moderate and in this way, you can appreciate numerous things here without stress. If you have a touchy stomach, you can demand a milder version of the same. This spot is acclaimed for desserts. Bhang is a drink made utilizing eatable cannabis. It is legitimate here and can’t be reclaimed to your place or different states. Here are some of the must-try restaurants which should be included in your Jaisalmer tour package.

The Trio- Best food for your cravings

Jaisalmer, a remote city settled on the banks of India’s western fringe, is home to this top-notch food recognize that draws in countless clients. This quickly escalated age-old eatery includes a high roof tent and windowed dividers that enable visitors to appreciate some astounding sight of the old bazaar. Formally dressed servers, cloth napkins and trinket depictions of the desert life add a great appeal to this eatery that serves true cooking of Rajasthan. In the cool concealed condition of the Trio, you can appreciate a healthy feast of hot Dal Tadka or a plateful of Chana ka achaar (chickpea pickle).

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Jaisal Italy- Food place in Jaisalmer

This pleasant Italian joint settled on the Jaisalmer’s Fort limit boundaries offers a breathtaking take on Italian top-notch food. The café gives an open patio that is brilliantly lit and an inside room that comprises of weaved pads put against a Jharokha. The Italian-roused menu highlights the spontaneous flavors of original recipes utilizing natural ingredients. You can appreciate a glass of Chardonnay in the provincial appeal of Jaisal Italy, where you could try a variety of pizzas for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian lovers.

Café the Kaku- Jaisalmer FOOD PLACE

This place is ideal for families or large groups and after a day spent sight-seeing. It serves all kinds of cuisines be it Mexican, Chinese, Italian or Indian. This place provides comfortable seating to large groups of people in the way of mattresses, blankets, and hookahs. The serenity this place provides along with the delicious food brings together the best experience for everyone and hence one of the mandates on your Jaisalmer tour package.

Free Tiber Restaurant

If you’re bored with Rajasthani cuisine, this place might cheer you up with some momos. Add this restaurant in your Jaisalmer tour package for a change. This place provides serene views and comfortable seating with traditional seating. The rooftop restaurant with its commendable hospitality is an addition to your experience of the city.

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