When Should One Contact a Duct Cleaning Maintenace Service?



10 Signs That It's Time for Air Duct Cleaning Services - First Call Cleaning & Restoration

Today, the world has become quite fast-paced. People generally have packed schedules and cannot afford time for house repairs and maintenance. Thus, it is easy to forget maintenance activities such as duct cleaning. It is a simple but essential part of house maintenance. Keeping track of duct cleaning schedules may not be a feasible option for those with a sedentary lifestyle. However, some signs indicate that it is time to call a duct cleaningmaintenance service. What are those signs? Read on to know.

Signs to look for

  • Excessive dust

There is a certain amount of dust in all homes at any given point. However, if the resident notices that it has become more than usual or if they are frequently changing the air filters, it is probably a good idea to investigate the air ducts.

  • Recurring respiratory problems

Poor airduct maintenance can lead to respiratory problems in people who reside in the house. There could be many reasons for respiratory problems. Dirty air ducts are just one of them. Also, if someone in the family already has dust-related allergies, it could get much worse with ducts that are not maintained properly. Again, it could be considered as a signal to book a duct cleaning maintenance service.

  • House renovation

Major house renovation projects stir up dirt particles and dust that could settle inside the air duct system of the house. Thus, those who have recently renovated their houses must consider checking the quality of their air ducts. Read More: Onionplay

  • Unusually high power bills

Again, an increase in the power bill can mean a lot of things. One of those things includes – dirty air ducts that are blocking the airflow. If one sees an unusual increase in the power bill, they can call a duct cleaning maintenanceservice to know if the air ducts are causing it.

  • Noisy ducts

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Thus, today most of the house appliances can operate smoothly, without making a noise. If the air ducts are noisy when used, it is a sure sign that something is wrong. Based on the type of noise, the technician will be able to detect the possible issue. For instance, a rattling noise could mean that there is a disjoint in some sections of the duct system.

  • Mold growth

It is probably the easiest way to discover that ductwork needs maintenance. Mold growth can be unpleasant to look at, gives out an odor and has health hazards. Therefore, those who find mold growth in their duct systems should immediately book an appointment with a duct cleaning maintenance service.

Why a professional service?

Most of the experienced and reliable services such as All State Cooling not only provide duct-cleaning services. They combine it with other related activities such as HVAC system maintenance, AC installation and so on. Thus, connecting with a professional service would help in installation/maintenance of other related appliances in the future. One can check the airconditioning installation cost on the websites of top service providers. Several affordable options are available.

While selecting a duct cleaning service, one must consider the experience of the service provider. It is good to go with a service that has a substantial online presence. Check whether the customer assistance representatives are ready to patiently listen to the requests. Also, do not hesitate to communicate with the service personnel to get some tips on ways to avoid the problem in future. Are there better ways to maintain the ducts? What are the recommended best practices? Once the customer is aware of these, it becomes easier to maintain the air ducts well.