When It’s Time To Call In The Experts: How To Tell If Your Property May Be At Risk Of Containing Asbestos

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Asbestos is a natural mineral that was widely used in the ’80s for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. It was initially used for its durability, flexibility, strength, electric current resistance, and more. Since then it has been discovered that the microfibres and particles released by Asbestos are extremely dangerous for humans. These fibres are to blame for respiratory diseases and even cancer. Now no longer in use, the main concern is removing any existing asbestos safely, without damaging it or putting anyone in danger.

Exposure to these harmful fibres is usually caused by drilling, scrubbing, or sanding, common during DIY home renovations. Anything that will break up the fibres and cause them to circulate in the air, is dangerous. This can also occur from general deterioration in older properties. Even the most brief exposure will still pose a serious risk. If you are uncertain about any property that might contain asbestos you need to call a professional or asset protection specialist to safely inspect, contain, or remove asbestos in your home. Never attempt to do this on your own. 

Asbestos is usually categorised in three types. White asbestos (chrysolite), brown asbestos (amosite), and blue asbestos (crocidolite). All of these three types are found to be hazardous for human health. If your home was built after the 80s the risk of it containing asbestos is probably very low. However, if your home was built prior to this time, when the risks were uncovered, your home could very likely contain asbestos. 

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Whether it’s confirmed or you’re simply suspicious that your building contains asbestos, it is time to call in professionals. An inspection and certain tests can be conducted to confirm the presence of the material, and a safe removal plan can be put into action if need be. When it comes to removal certain tools need to be used to ensure dangerous fibres aren’t disturbed. Removal should only ever be done by certified persons and with all necessary safety equipment, including personal protective gear.

ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) can be found in a variety of places across the home. From pipes to walls, and gutters. If your property was built in the mid 20th century it is important to know your risks. 

Asbestos is only hazardous to you if it is disturbed. The particles released from drilling, damage, deterioration, or cutting are what pose a serious danger to your health. Don’t ever think you can outsmart asbestos. These minuscule particles can travel through the air and settle in your lungs from even the most brief of exposures. 

If your home contains asbestos it will either require removal or enclosure. To keep your property and health safe and sound for as long as possible, get in touch to find out about ensuring your home and assets are asbestos free.

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