WhatsApp Messenger Apk old Version for Android

Whatsapp messenger apk

‘WhatsApp’ the name itself defines the application. The biggest platform of communication
worldwide. It provides fast, simple and secure messages and calling facilities for free. It is
available on Android, IOS and windows. WhatsApp launched in 2009. It has been updating
its initial version since 2009 for providing better functionality and user experience.
Some of our most personal and sensitive moments are shared on WhatsApp. In that case,
security is one of the major issues one should be most concerned about. For that very
purpose, WhatsApp Messenger Apk provides end to end encryption; that means only the persons who are communicating with each other will only have access to the messages and called shared between them.

With WhatsApp, one can send messages instantly to their friends, family and colleagues,
irrespective of the time and place. The only requirement is an internet connection.
Whatsapp Messenger Apk provides amazing features of voice and video calls. Any national or international video call can be made by WhatsApp’s voice and video calls. The roaming
charges can be easily avoided to connect someone abroad. Moreover, video call makes it
much more happening when two persons can see each other over the phone.

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Apart from these merely basic features, WhatsApp makes it possible to share external links in texts. For example, a link from another social networking platform can be easily forwarded on multiple contacts. Previously, in one go text or link could be shared with multiple people, but now the WhatsApp community has restricted it to 5 people at once.
Another impressive feature of WhatsApp is group creation; connecting with several people
at a single time.

Media sharing becomes really easy with the group chat facility. Up to 56 can be added in one single group. For college students, it is very vital to share information with the entire class strength at once. Group chat makes it easiest for them. Notification customization, group chats mute are other features of this facility. With WhatsApp on the web and desktop, chats can be seamlessly synced in the computer; so that WhatsApp can be operated in any required device. Web.whatsapp.com is the address WhatsApp web runs.

Photos, videos, documents, adios can be shared via WhatsApp in one single tap. Up to
100mb file can be shared at once. With easy access to the camera, every moment
becomes a memory and can be shared with near ones. Previously it was an unlimited number of shared photos in one go. Now the community team has reduced it into 30 numbers of photos in one go. Sometimes it gives us sheer joy to share our best moments with everyone. Whatsapp story does exactly that. For 24 hours to memory stay fresh in the story feature of WhatsApp. The alteration of 2 and a half weeks of WhatsApp community updates the app and makes it more perfect. It got updated last on the 6th of March 2020.

Despite these advanced features some people tend to use the older versions and some
people prefer the older versions. The latest version is 2.20.72 of 36.1 MB. WhatsApp
Messenger Apk oldest version available is 2.11.399, updated on the 2nd of October, 2015.
Versions before that are not accessible anymore. They are officially outdated. So WhatsApp
the community has decided to deny access to those versions. If the app is being downloaded from the play store then one will get the latest versions only. The old versions of Whatsapp Messenger Apk can be downloaded manually by Absoluteapk.com.

So there are multiple options to explore in any social networking site. Naturally in updated
versions, things are easier and swift. Old versions face the difficulties of outdated features
and operation. But if still, someone prefers the non updated version and less secured and
less featured application then you can our website explore different older versions. But like every other backdated thing it also has a boundary. Anyone using an old versioned cell phone in which there are no available versions of WhatsApp, then they are suggested to upgrade their cell phone in the latest version to avail uninterrupted services.

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