When it comes to choosing a lily according to the occasion we are met with numerous options. There are Asiatic lilies, oriental lilies, calla lilies and lilies but how many times do we ask the question that what is a lily and are all of them true lilies?

These flowers are just so gorgeous and are popular amongst the flower enthusiasts but a mischievous trick has been played upon us. Even though they have “lily” in their names they don’t belong to the same plant family. 

Here we will talk about clearing those misconceptions out and covering up the truth about both the flowers, let’s start with what a lily is?


The true lilies grow the onion-like bulbs and are said to belong to the genus of Lilium. There is no doubt that a lily adds elegance to your garden and makes it look strikingly beautiful. They have six petals, marked or plain with a tall stem, standing erect. 

The best part about lilies is that they are the first ones to bloom and require minimal care only if you know about the right place to plant them. 

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These lilies are available in many colours orange, white, red and golden. If you ever pay a visit to a florist you will notice those attention-grabbing trumpets buy flowers online which are available in various types. These lilies are also called hybrid lilies. 

Here are a few types which are listed down below:




These flowers bloom from mid-summer to the end of the summer. They generally grow up to 4 ft and are famous for their strong fragrance. 


They are the first ones to bloom which is in the period of early summer. They don’t grow as tall as oriental lilies; they just grow about the size of 2ft to 3ft. they lack fragrance but are striking beautiful on one’s yard. 


They are small and the petals are a little close to each other than the other types of lilies. These lilies are said to be similar to the oriental lilies as they also have a remarkable scent.


These blossoms bloom in March to April and are a mostly grown indoor. The area also considered as the holiday plants. 

Lilies are of other types as well and for that fact, we all could go on and on about it but the above stated are the most common types of hybrids. Even though we have tiger lilies or lily of the valley, these lilies are not actual lilies. You can always come to bloomsvilla and get a lily according to your need as we have the best florists in Mumbai.  


Calla lilies are not true lilies. They are a part of the genus called zantedeschia. Tin Greek that name stands for beauty. These lilies are famously used in bridal bouquets and the indoor decoration beds and various other places inside the house. They are also known by their other name of “arum lily”. These lilies are commonly white but are also available in different colours, including the mysterious black as well. 

 The only thing that one should remember about these lilies is that they are harmful for humans and pets and shouldn’t be ingested under any circumstances. 

These lilies also require minimal care and grow fairly fast only reaching the height of 2ft-3ft. 


This question puts us in a dilemma. We cannot compare their beauty as both of them are equally beautiful. If someone you know has pollen allergies maybe you could opt for calla lilies, they are fragrant and are pollen-free.  

If you want to go with an amazing fragrance then you must go for oriental lilies. Don’t gift calla lilies to the couples who have toddlers or pets. 

I hope by now you must be aware of lilies and now you can choose according to your occasion as well & midnight cake delivery in Delhi. You can always get online flower delivery in Mumbai through bloomsvilla.com.

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