What’s the difference between a barrister and solicitor


Barrister and solicitor do not Just have to wear gown and wig, and they do not just have to carry out legal proceedings, there are some distinction though which separates and divides them from the category of lawyers, and though both the barristers and solicitor have studied law, but there educational backgrounds, duties, tasks experiences are completely different from each others, here we would be examining critically all the possible factors which makes them distant from each other.

The major distinctions

The Solicitors in UK, Wales, Scotland and In some other states they are not allowed to take their clients to the courts and defend their clients in there, while on the other hand barristers are the one who defends and take their clients to the courts, that is the most common distinction which make them vary.

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Education of solicitor:

For the Students who wanted to study law, they have option of graduation as LLB (Law degree) or instead of LLB they have other options like diplomas to do and in order to become solicitor they have to complete the Post graduation of The Legal Practice Course, as in United States most universities as in Belfast, London and other cities there the students have to do the LPC course as their final course, in order to become a sound solicitor.

Education required for barristers

Those Students who wanted to become a barrister they have to do their graduation in laws as they can do their graduation in LLB (Law degree), or those who does not compete the graduation program they can do postgraduate law course as in England and Wales, The Graduate Diploma in Law or Common Professional Examination is course which law students can do, here they have the option to select either the one program from becoming a barrister or a solicitor the students who are going to be a barrister then they have to take BPTC course as in London and in Belfield BPTC is a Postgraduate course where the law students practice themselves as a barrister, after completing the BPTC course barristers have to further take one year of pupilage there they got trained as a barrister under the barristers chambers.

The wages

Monthly wages for both solicitor and barrister vary from person to person, experience to experience, country to country, and education to education, and the office where they carry the legal proceedings out, but there is estimated value about their monthly earnings:

The salary of solicitor

The average salary for Solicitors in Belfast is £18000 to £400000 and the bonus they can get in the cities of England including London, Belfast and others is £983 – £3k, if we include both their salary and bonus the estimation would be of about £19k – £49k.

The salary of barrister

The salary of barrister is solely fixed on their educational programs they had taken as chancery law (estates and trusts) Commercial law, Common law (includes family, housing and personal injury law), Criminal law, Entertainment law, Environmental law, or Sports law. Depending on the law program they had taken and another factor which escalates their wages is the experience they had, the more the experience the more sound salary they can expect, As an employed barrister, you can expect to earn from around £25,000 to of £100,000.

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