What your clients are looking for in an agency in 2020


Ecommerce business is more popular by the day. This popularity triggers the height of competition between various B2B and B2C ecommerce retailers. All ecommerce businesses are trying to be one step ahead of their competitors while gaining more clients. The role of advertising agencies that provide white label digital marketing services becomes an essential advantage in such conditions. 

This is due to the fact that the volume of trade depends upon the strength of visitors engaged, through the application and implementation of digital marketing campaigns by advertising agencies. In such critical times, the expectations of ecommerce retailers and brands have increased drastically from advertising agencies. This situation has also posed a crucial situation for digital marketing agencies as they have to address the multiple needs of their clients in order to retain them and keep them satisfied. Here is what average clients expect from digital marketing agencies in 2020:  

Partnership instead of Services:

It should be understood by the agencies that the requirements and expectations of clients have changed over time. They don’t only look for agencies with good repute, clients prefer to choose an agency that treats their clients their campaigns like partnerships. They expect dedication from agencies as if they own a share in their business themselves. They want cooperation between in-house personnel and the agency itself. If an agency has pre-existing partnerships, the client expects those partnerships to bring better results for their own business. In addition to strategizing exceptional marketing campaigns and driving leads, it is also important to focus on building a trusted and lasting relationship with your clients. This is so that whenever they face any issue, they will look towards your agency for rescue. Therefore, long-term partnerships founded on trust should be the key priority of digital marketing agencies, rather than shallow relationships.

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Understanding of Business:

Clients these days don’t just want you to implement multiple strategies for a greater number of leads. In fact, they want their digital marketing agency to understand their business, leaps, and bounds of the industry, scope, audience and other insights into their specific industry. In this way, clients are on the right track, as they know that there are high chances of mistakes if their partner agency is unaware of key factors in the respective industry. This concept of understanding the client’s business must also include a firm grasp of the client’s business model. The success of your marketing strategies will be short-lived if you don’t understand the business itself. This is also a necessary step, in order to get the right direction for your marketing strategy, otherwise, you might end up focusing on irrelevant things. 

Data then Creativity:

This might sound counterintuitive to a number of personnel working within marketing agencies. However, this is an undeniable truth. Gone are the days when being creative was an added bonus for agencies. It is now counted as an essential element by clients. Clients need to see creative marketing campaigns that are strongly backed by consumer insight data. Consumer insight has replaced creativity as a top priority for clients over time. However, most digital marketing agencies still overlook it and boast about their creativity. In addition to data and creativity, seamless communication is another thing that is highly prioritised by clients from their partner agencies. Clients expect their agencies to be more communicative throughout the entire business relationship, and better communication is the only way forward for agencies in 2020.

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