What types of websites should be hosted on a VPS Singapore?


In the tech oriented world, websites are the source to explore services and products globally in a professional way. However, a website is the most essential thing for every user and business person who wants to make an online presence in the web hosting market. But eventually, you need a platform to host sites. The site could be of any size and belong to any domain. For that, you have three choices, including Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Server. But a shared server is usually the most preferred choice of startups because of cheap costing, whereas a dedicated one is a choice of large businesses. However, a VPS Singapore Server is the mid-way option that lies in between the hosting. It shares resources but follows the traits of dedicated hosting. Hence the best choice for your business.

But do you ever wonder which types of websites you can host on the VPS Hosting Singapore? Not yet! Don’t worry. This guide lets you know the different types of websites that you can host on this server. So, let’s get started with the basics!

Definition of VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is one of the most reliable and affordable types of web hosting. It gives you independent webspace, dedicated resources, exclusive services on rent for your site hosting. Further, its exclusive features and characteristics make the VPS Singapore hosting a most opted choice for their businesses. This is because somewhere, it lies between shared and dedicated hosting, sharing resources while enjoying the independent web hosting space.

In simple terms, if we define what the VPS is, then it is

  • Hosting with isolated server accounts
  • High availability of resources
  • Hosting with high scalability
  • Increased Performance
  • Real-time server access
  • Heightened Security

VPS Hosting is the most suitable choice for hosting small to medium sized websites. Further, it is categorized into two categories, namely Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS Hosting based on the Operating system. However, according to your site requirements, you can choose any of them and start your hosting. Now, you can check how many types of sites you can host on the VPS in the next section.

Types of Websites that could be hosted on VPS Singapore

#1. Small Websites

VPS Hosting in Singapore is the perfect platform for small-scale websites with few or hundreds of web pages. This is because the sites with few web pages are easily manageable. Further, VPS ensures optimal performance and high speed for your site. Also, it can easily handle the increased traffic on the site very smoothly and efficiently.

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#2. Online Store Sites

Online stores require a fully managed and highly optimized work environment and scenario to deliver better customer satisfaction. Undoubtedly, Singapore VPS Hosting is the best platform to host your E-commerce site. It provides you powerful performance, high speed, increased security, Cloud-based VPS, scalability, reliability, and much more that you need to run for an online store at an affordable price.

#3. Web Application Sites

Web Applications are quite complex to run in comparison to most standard sites. However, the VPS Singapore Hosting provides you with a highly configurable and ready to use independent hosting environment that lets you easily host your web application.

#4. SaaS websites

As discussed above, VPS is suitable for web applications. Similarly, it is the best option for the Software As A Service application. SaaS Deployment often requires the high availability of resources and greater security measures that you will get with the VPS Singapore Hosting. So you can efficiently host applications without experiencing downtime issues.

#5. Corporate Websites

Corporate websites mostly receive too much web traffic that can only be managed by robust and optimized web hosting. That’s how Singapore VPS Server comes into the spotlight. It is the best choice to host corporate sites. This is because VPS Singapore Hosting gives you the better capacity to handle traffic spikes and ensure high uptime with Service Level Agreements.

#6. News Websites

News sites mostly get too much traffic over the web. However, it requires the hosting that can manage this user traffic and provide additional benefits to run the site. With a VPS Singapore Hosting, you are free to host news sites because it makes your site capable of handling the heavy load. Additionally, it supports popular web applications like Content Management Systems to manage the news content on your server.

#7. Educational Websites

Basically, educational sites cover the basic materials for the institutes. But the upgradation in technology needs more improvements in this system. Further, the hidden thing in VPS is login by students and staff to access the restricted data. This login credential needs to be secured with highly optimized hosting. For that, a VPS Hosting Singapore is the best option that gives you better security measures to protect such personal data from outside attacks.

#8. Community & Wiki Websites

Community and Wiki Sites are a bit complicated to manage but receive a lot of user traffic. However, for small wiki and community sites, shared hosting would be a better choice. But when it comes to security measures for such sites, then you need to look apart from shared hosting. This means a VPS Singapore Hosting is the perfect choice for it.

After knowing the various types of websites you can host on your best VPS hosting in the Singapore platform, it becomes easier to opt for better hosting plans and packages. But first, you need to consider a reliable web host. So, you can buy cheap plans for hosting your choice of site. For that, you should consider the Wisesolution web host. Let’s check why in the next section.

Get VPS Server Singapore from Leading Web Hosting Provider

At this point, you might be wondering for a reliable web host to buy the cheap hosting plans. So, no need to go far. Your search for a better web host ends here. Wisesolution is one of the best and top web hosting companies that offers various web hosting solutions. So, you have many choices to opt from a wide range of hosting plans, including shared, VPS, Reseller, dedicated, Managed & Unmanaged VPS, Windows VPS Singapore & Linux VPS, and much more. With such highly reliable hosting services, wisesolution provides you an ample range of exclusive resources that you can employ to host any type of website on your server.

Further, the web host has the best support team that willingly available 24*7 to support and guide you. Moreover, it monitors your server and instantly resolves and fixes all the technical issues you would face in your hosting. Hence, you can buy the Cheap VPS Singapore Hosting plans from it and truly enjoy the benefits of unlimited services.


We can conclude that VPS Singapore Hosting is a very scalable and flexible option for hosting any type of website. Further, depending on your requirements and type of business, you can choose the hosting plans. For online stores and E-commerce sites, VPS plans are highly opted because of the independent hosting environment and dedicated resources. In contrast, VPS provides better security and more customization features for the Wiki and Community sites. However, in the complete scenarios, VPS Hosting Singapore plans by Wisesolution is a one-stop solution. You can expect more security, increased performance, etc., to accommodate and build your dream business.

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