What shoes to wear with a jumpsuit?


Why do we like the jumpsuit?

Because it is one and only one piece, like a dress, no need to look for what to wear it with.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a twig to carry it. It can even prove to be flattering for curvy girls: just opt ​​for a model with a scooped neckline or sleeveless to reveal a little skin and high heels to accentuate the feminine side and slender the silhouette.

There is no age to wear it!

If the green cargo jumpsuit was once associated with workers, today it is a beautiful, trendy garment. Halfway between overalls and overalls, the jumpsuit is an “all-in-one” garment. It is more and more classy to wear, whether as part of a chic evening or to feel comfortable all day with more casual combinations. The styles of combinations are therefore very varied, and the question of shoes invariably arises. So which shoe with a combination can we choose?

Shoes according to the style of the suit

Wearing a jumpsuit has become very trendy today. So much so that we find it in all styles. The jumpsuit is masculine when it is blue or khaki green, with pockets, long sleeves and a zipper on the front, all belted at the waist to make it more feminine. It is chic and elegant when it is black, fitted, with thin straps or bustier, revealing the shoulders or a neckline. In summer, the combination is more relaxed, with fresh and original colors.

Which shoes to adopt? You have the opportunity to play on contrasts. For a “pilot / aviator / mechanic” style combination, dare to wear very feminine shoes. Small pumps with heels very colorful like red will be perfect. Roll the bottom of the pants to reveal the ankles. With a chic black jumpsuit, opt for equally elegant shoes, for example by playing on color contrasts. High-heeled patent pumps will enhance your figure. If, on the contrary, you want to play down the black jumpsuit, opt for a pair of sneakers or derbies. Finally, the summer threads and motifs, short or long, goes easily with a pair of bare feet or flat sandals.

A “combi” for the whole day

If the combination is often worn in the evening, it can also, for the most classic models, accompany you throughout the day. In this case, opt for very comfortable shoes. In winter, small boots can be very suitable, especially if the suit is worn close to the body. In summer, flip flops and flat sandals will be ideal.

What shoes with a black jumpsuit

For a black jumpsuit, you can bet on sporty or relaxed shoes to break the rigidity of the outfit. A pair of women’s trainers of the moment will be perfect or even small sandals or cowboy boots. These simple and fashionable shoes will make you look perfect when the sunny days arrive.

You can also opt for heeled shoes, also black, or varnished and colored pumps. Gold or silver shoes, with elegant cuts, will also sublimate the feminine and chic side of your black jumpsuit. straps on the front on foot, chosen in original tones, will also wake up the black jumpsuit and accentuate its attractive side.

In the evening as in the day

And to accompany you day and night, a nice pair of derbies will be the perfect touch to accompany your combination. It’s a good compromise between the court shoe and the sneaker. You will not regret this purchase, easy to wear. With its round toe and thick heel, the derbies will go easily with your combination. You can also easily wear them with a skirt or straight pants. Be careful, however, to wear coordinated socks. With low shoes, every detail is visible.

So choose your shoes according to the look of your combination. With this garment, you can wear almost any style of shoe, just dare and try.