What procedures are available for Teeth Whitening in Tonbridge?


I quickly took to the Internet, Googled the best ways to keep the teeth white. Mostly, the remedies were homemade with a twist of chemicals that, to my knowledge, are abrasive to our teeth. There were some articles that stated the obvious with brand new sentences and were too verbose for a simple dental tip article. The information was as basic as brushing our teeth twice and flossing once every day for whiter and long-lasting teeth. Other websites showcased advertisements and recommended Dental Implants Tonbridge strongly.

The suggestions sounded too good to be true. More so, they sounded false since I have been brushing my teeth regularly and twice a day for as long as I remember but never have I had whiter teeth. I turned off my laptop, get ready to see my emergency Tonbridge Dentist as I had begun to worry about my oral health after reading that our oral hygiene Dentist Tonbridge dictates our dental health and shapes our confidence. What my Dentist Tonbridge pointed out about teeth whitening indeed came as a shock to me. The internet was partially true.

Here is a list of benefits, which can help you to get premium teeth whitening in Tonbridge experience at

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  1. Cut down on tea/coffee ;

Teeth-whitening in Tonbridge is done by almost every dentist. The procedure is also known as bleaching, is cost-effective and can be finished in one visit to a registered dentist. It can save you money for Dental Implant Tonbridge. Consume coffee in moderation. They stain your teeth just as they stain your shirt, Permanently. It might sound doltish but if you are a heavy coffee drinker, try decaf or develop a habit of drinking your coffee with a straw. That way, the contact with your teeth will be almost negligible and will save your teeth from staining itself.

  1. Oil pulling ;

Oil pulling is an old therapy practiced in India, which now Dentists in Tonbridge have adapted too. It involves swishing or holding edible oil in their mouth long enough to extract cavities. The oil is run through the mouth like mouthwash and is spit out. Some of the most used oils are sesame and coconut oil. It is widely proven to be useful in fighting plaque, gum problems, and whitens the teeth without causing any side-effects.

  1. Brush and floss.

It is funny how most of us don’t take it seriously. While using a mouthwash and teeth-whitening strips provide some respite in terms of whitening your teeth, getting our oral hygiene spot on is a prerequisite. According to Dentist in Tonbridge Brushing our teeth in the morning paired with flossing might sound like repeated advice but once you have your oral hygiene in place, you can visit a teeth whitening expert in Tonbridge or have to accept dental implants in Tonbridge

Healthy teeth do not necessarily have to be white. Some people experience teeth sensitivity even with white teeth while some can perform a hard chew and get away without causing blood through their gums. Starting small is always better to see how the teeth react before going for laser treatments or buying expensive teeth-whitening strips as most strips contain hydrogen peroxide that damages the enamel in the teeth and laser whitening often leads to teeth sensitivity.

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