What new in You Tube Beta Version


YouTube Studio beta is the new home for the creator. You are managing your channel here, gaining insights to help you grow and keeping updated with the latest news. YouTube Studio beta replaces Creator Studio and brings with it a lot of new features and changes.

YouTube announced a video management and analytic app in 2017 to replace the classic Creator Studio that is familiar to most you tubers by 2019. In this article, we’ll look at the new features that YouTube Studio Beta has, what we can expect from it in the future, and why YouTube will eventually phase out the older YouTube Creator Studio and whether it will improve.

YouTube Studio Beta is now the standard for many you tubers. But creators can still switch back to the Classic view for the time being. The goal of YouTube is to receive data on its own by understanding how creators use the new Studio and receiving feedback to improve it. Click here to know more about YouTube Pva Accounts.

Below are some features in YouTube beta version that could be really interesting for you tubers;

Video Editing

You can save the edited video very easily as a new one in YouTube Studio beta version. This is a very helpful feature for your tuber to edit videos make them as you like and save them.

Revert to Original

From the YouTube Studio editor, you can now return to your original video file. Tap Revert to original to start over if you make a change you don’t like. Revert to the original was a key demand for reviews from the developer.

Faster Navigation

Another great feature is fast navigation in beta analytic for YouTube Studio. You will now see the name, thumbnail, and links to the video’s analytic and watch page when you click over a video title after you have extended a document.

Audience Retention

Audience retention is an indicator of how many people are watching your video. YouTube analytic Engagement section tells you how many of your followers are watching your videos. It also tells you to stop watching by viewers. It also tells you when viewers stop watching can provide you with insight as to why they stopped watching. Understand the audience retention tab would make you understand when followers stop watching and provide you with detail insight as to why they stopped watching. The shape of the graph of the audience will tell you which parts of your video are most interesting.

Audio Only

YouTube Music app is YouTube Music with unnecessary videos added. They not only appear on the page of the recommended list but on some playlists as well. Not interested in searching video through your data allowance? Push the button to only go to the audio when you play.

Take a Break

Click your face in the YouTube app and access setting, now tap’ Remind me to take a break. Set the length, and if you forget, the app will gently remind you.

Traffic Source

YouTube also shows all the different traffic sources in the Reach Viewer category in one easy-to-find page, so developers don’t have to navigate between them to determine where their traffic comes from. The new design is much less messy and intimidating. You can now see at a glance where most of your audiences come from. YouTube has always put a great deal of interest in their analysis tools, and usability and development are constantly improving with YouTube Studio Beta. Better data and learning how to execute an individual video or a whole channel can help creators grow on this increasingly competitive platform.

Watch Time Guidance

The goal is to increase watch time, with the YouTube metric putting on the most weight. With the new Watch Time Drain under the Reach Viewer dashboard, which you can find in the Analytic tab, you can see exactly at what level of your channel and where you need to enhance an individual image. If the average viewing time is not up to your standards, then the content itself will need to be changed. While it’s nice to have all your viewers watch all the way to the end of all your videos, that’s impractical, of course. Sixty to seventy percent, however, is a great number to be targeted at.

YouTube beta version has many more features that are still untouched but when you try it you definitely enjoy and you can make your channel so interesting and attractive.