What Makes Chikankari Designs Unique In Every Sense?


Chikankari Kurtis has emerged as the rage these days mainly because they look casual and propose the wearer with an exclusive customary look. Women prefer to wear them regardless of the occasion; when they are going for a business meeting or a date night. The remarkable thing about Chikankari printed kurti designs is those make women comfortable. You can accessorize them according to your taste. So, when you do not possess a Chikankari outfit, be assured that you have been missing out on a romantic, dreamy, delicate, and subtle outfit.

The origin of a Chikankari kurti

The origin of Chikankari kurtis is Lucknow, UP and here the workers of Chikankari concentrate on generating this exclusive effect on the fabrics. Lucknow is renowned for being the roots of the work of Chikankari. Women can be served with various fashions of Chikankari kurtis these days. The delicate embroidery, combined with amazing designs makes this kurtis truly magnificent. Among all the designs, black and white kurtis are considered the highly preferred ones. You can always choose your preferred Chikankari kurti to include some flavor to your cool summer look.

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Various kinds of Chikankari Kurtis

  • Chikankari block print kurtis – This Chikankari kurtis can be distinguished by the meticulous designs that are done on them. This kurtis are found with classy hand-embroidered Chikan stitches, like Phanda, GhasPatti and Ulti Bakhiya through the use of white cotton threads. The specialty of this kurtis is each design and stitch is hand embroidered, and they narrate stories of the work of Lucknowi Chikan. When you are looking for the best-printed kurti for your formal as well as casual occasions, then this kurtis will turn out to be unparalleled for you.
  • Chikankari floral blue printed kurtis – These kurtis are faultlessly weaved, and their beauty gets escalated through the inclusion of different Chikankari motifs that begin from paisley to floral. The bodice of this kurtis is embroidered heavily with motifs, and these kurtis are ideal for casual and formal, like a workplace where you can carry them with maximum grace.
  • Chikankari floral yellow printed kurtis – These kurtis are hand embroidered with different kinds of Chikan stitches through the use of white cotton threads for creating wonderful Chikan kadhai. The delicately composed motifs do engross these kurtis, and these motifs happen to be remarkable that provide a calming and soothing impact. The best thing about these kurtis is they always instil confidence in the wearers.
  • Chikankari floral white printed kurtis – These kinds of kurtis impart a look which is filled with class, style, and elegance and these gracefully designed kurtis are embroidered with different stitches of Chikan and weaved with white cotton threads. These kurtis too well cater to your casual and formal occasions.
  • Chikankari blue printed kurtis – These kurtis take grace and art to the next level and the colour combination that these kurtis use is pretty interesting. You can wear this kurti for various occasions and also vacations. The vibrant prints in paisley, ethnic, and floral patterns on white, pinks, blues, and yellow would turn you into a star and different from others.

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