What Makes An Online Casino Gaming Software Successful?


In the last decade, the online gaming industry has shown unprecedented growth that was never seen earlier. The emergence of the latest technology and the invention of sophisticated smartphones, along with its growing reach to every class, have been proven as a boon for this industry. Out of the entire gaming market, online casino games have outperformed every other game, and the trend is expected to continue in the near future as well. 

If we go by stats, it is expected that the market share of the gaming market would be $59.79 billion by the end of 2020, which would nearly be a 14% increase compared to 2017. The online casino game would have an integral share of that. 

Factors responsible for the growth of the online gaming industry

There are several factors which helped the online casino game development so far, such as:

  • Latest innovations and advancement in technology.
  • Low maintenance cost compared to traditional gaming platforms or institutions.
  • A wider reach.
  • Social media activity to attract clients across the globe.
  • The never-ending possibility with the addition of newer features.

Such features fuelled the competition among casino game development companies to attract investors to take their casino game development services. 

The process of Casino game app development is complex, time-consuming, and needs efficient resource management skills. Such requirements put casino software providers at the test almost every time.

So, with the help of this article,let’s try to find out what is the requirement for a successful online casino gaming development. 

Casino game software developers go through a series of stages before finalizing an online casino game, which is as follow:


  • Thoroughly Analyzing the Ideas:


Ideas are the beginning of any great thing. Casino software developers work on a particular idea of the client by keeping different aspects in mind. Developers go through thorough research and analysis of the market, and then they design the casino game theme and its storyline. At the brainstorming stage, they check out the application of technologies to enhance the performance and likelihood of games among the potential users. At the brainstorming stage, developers try to put on flexible ideas, like options of cryptocurrency for transactions or having their own digital currency. 

For market trend analysis, there are few tools like:

  1. Questback: it’s a unified market research software, which makes the connection of product with gamers. Questback is known for analysing gamblers’ attitudes and the current market trends. Questback helps software providers define demand and collect sampling data from online panels like social media. 


  1. Free lunch: The tool collects financial and economic stats across the world based on industry and location. It can help to estimate the cost of development and expected revenue. 



  • Creating Dummy Platform and Prototypes


It is the stage of experimentation and removing all potential flaws. At this stage, a blueprint gets prepared. 

There are few tools for prototyping, which extensively helps casino software developers while developing their online games:

  1. Framer: it helps developers by removing the necessity of coding knowledge. Using Framer, a developer can develop and support UX flows, embed shapes, move pictures, include text, animation, gestures, etc. 
  2. Marvel: using this tool, developers upload JPG, GIF, PSD images. It helps developers to redesign their picture as per the suitability in the game. 



  • Subjective Coding


Though Framers like software available in the market, coding is still the fundamental of any software. During the subjective coding stage, casino software providers work in coordination with designers and artists to come up with a single unified well-functioning piece of gaming software. Subjective coding is the most time-consuming part of the entire development process.

Generally, Casino game app developers use HTML5, JavaScript frameworks. Vert.x and MongoDB.


  • Responsiveness Testing


At this stage, the game developers decide whether the developed casino game is ready to be launched or not. The team of testing and screening critically analyze every portion of the game and ensure the completion of the errorless game before productions. 

There are a few types of testing done by developers for effective game development:

  1. Combinatorial testing Amylases many test cases that increase the efficiency and exposes the underlying errors. 
  2. Functionality testing detects the errors or bugs that hinder the seamless performance. 
  3. Compatibility testing looks into the portion of whether the game performs well in connection with hardware software and graphics configuration of the device or not. It is done to ensure that a single game can stay effective on a varying range of devices. 
  4. Regression testing rechecks the unchecked areas of a developed casino game. 
  5. Load testing lets the developer understand the working of the game in real-time loads. Using this testing, they understand the response of the software when the number of users accesses it at the same time. 
  6. Playtesting is done by beta users and internal test players. They observe how the game is performing in the real world. 


  • Maintenance Along with Support


Once the game has gone through all the stages and satisfied both the casino games software developers and operator (Investor), it is launched in the market. With the launch, the casino game software providers keep providing maintenance support until investors get his support team trained. 

Summing up:

With this article, you understood that a well-performing casino game just doesn’t come to us like a click we do on the phone. It requires coordination, knowledge, and testing. Once all the stages are in coherence with the idea of fruitful business, an Casino Game Development Company becomes successful on the gaming platform. Mobzway technologies make your online casino game development process very easy. So, just reach us today and get the perfect deal to develop an online casino gaming software and to make it successful.