What is the Prince Charlie Jacket?

Charlie Jacket?
Charlie Jacket?

The Prince Charlie Jacket, originally designed in a tailor’s catalog back in the twenties, is now a much-accepted highland wear for men who want to look like Prince Charming. It is actually a long-sleeved, double breasted, button down jacket, with cuffs and collar. This is a common misconception of what the jacket actually looks like. There are actually many different styles of Prince Charlie Jackets, which can be worn by men of all ages and body types.

The Prince Charlie Jacket is an elegant formal highland gown that was originally only listed in tailor’s catalogs of the late twenties as a gown to wear to a ball. However, over the years it has become known as a “Prince Charlie Tuxedo”. Some are even made with silver buttons and have detachable collars. The modern day Prince Charlie jacket has evolved into a full length, waistcoat that has a detachable train and removable lapels and sashes.

History of Prince Charlie Jacket Design

The first Prince Charlie Jacket was designed in Depression-era New York by a seamstress named Rosemary Holloway. She worked at a clothing store owned by her mother and made the jacket out of a combination of wool and cotton fabrics that were gathered up at the Laundromat. The jacket was intended to be a short, simple cut that showed off the girl’s figure while also providing enough structure to keep her form. It was patted with shimmering silver buttons made from detachable beads, and the sleeves were usually pleated to enhance the look. It was not until the nineteen eighties that the term “Prince Charlie” was introduced.

The modern Prince Charlie Jacket is generally quite similar in style to the original design, but there are a few major differences. The buttoning on these modern vests has been switched from detachable beads to removable buttons that match the fabric used to create the jacket itself. The lapels have been slightly rounded rather than being pointed like the original design. The shoulders are also rounded rather than being squared as well. This has somewhat diminished the appeal of the Prince Charlie jackets, but the updated look is still very popular among women today.

Formal setting of Prince Charlie Jacket

Many years ago, people often wore the Prince Charlie Jacket outside of the formal setting. There are many stories about weddings and other occasions where a woman would put this popular jacket to use. There is a great story of Queen Victoria wearing a Prince Charlie Jacket to her wedding, but this trend fell out of favor as fashions changed. Today, many fashion conscious women still prefer the kilt outfits or highland style of Prince Charlie Jackets. They are also much easier to find in stores and online.

If you are interested in this popular fashion piece, you will want to make sure to look at a selection of styles before making a purchase. You may want to try a Prince Charlie Jacket with a lighter color and pattern if you are going for the updated look. However, it is still very popular for weddings and other traditional events. It is also worth noting that this coat was designed for use as a kilt outfit. Because of this, it is important to remember that you will need special clothing to wear a kilt outfit and a Prince Charlie Jacket with a kilt outfit can be quite heavy.