What is the difference between twin and twin XL mattress?


Mattresses are one of the essential things that a person need these days, in a way, it has a massive role in the lives of each person. Good sleep is very crucial for a human being and deprive them of sleeping/resting, and the consequences could be terrible. Mattresses are the best things that could help a person to get good sleep, in recent years, the demand for mattresses has increased, and therefore, the types of mattress available also have increased. 

Today, we have mattresses of different width, length, thickness, material, and also with various extra features. This diversity has made selecting a suitable mattress a  challenging task. One such challenging task is how to differentiate mattress based on the size. A common issue is a difference between twin and twin XL mattress. Most first-time mattress customers tend to skip the size part and select any one mattress based on the comfort; however, a majority of the customers consider the size of the mattress. 

So, what exactly is the difference between twin and twin XL mattress?

In simple words, twin and twin XL mattress differ in size; the overall dimension of the mattress is different. However, while there is only a difference in the size of the mattress, this difference could be substantial. Therefore, we have compiled a detailed comparison between both the mattresses.

Dimension –

Obviously, you would have already figured it out from the name; there is a size difference between the two variants. Yes, there is a size difference, which might be a substantial difference for some people and might not matter to some customers.

Let us start with twin mattress, the overall dimension of a twin mattress is 38 x 75 inches, which makes it one of the best options for kid’s bedroom. The 38-inch width and 75-inch length of the mattress have always been the standard recommendation for kids bed. However, kids grow fast, and a new mattress should be bought, but until then, a twin mattress could help to save space.

When it comes to twin XL mattresses, the overall dimension is 38 x 80 inches. Most commonly, people consider purchasing this mattress when their kids grow up. As you have seen, there is only a 5-inch difference in length between a twin and twin XL mattress; however, twin XL mattress is best recommended for grown-up kids and commonly used on college bed or guest room bed. 


As we have already mentioned above, there is no difference in comfort offered by a twin and twin XL mattress. However, if you dig deep, you will find the size of a mattress to be a part of the comfort offered by the mattress. If the mattress is small and not suitable for the user’s body dimension, then there would be no comfort lying on it. 

This is why it is imperative that, if you want the mattress to offer maximum comfort to the user, then understand the difference in size dimension and then purchase an appropriate mattress. But, if you ask us, we would recommend that you go for twin XL mattress so that you do not have to switch the mattress in the future.

Price – 

Yes, obviously there is a difference in price, when it comes to twin and twin XL mattresses. The price difference does not just limit itself to the cost of the mattress, as the dimension of the mattress differs; it requires different size accessories. The size of a mattress cover, bedspread/bedsheet, and the bed would be entirely different; this will add to your expense.

Suitable room size-

Most people might not even consider this as necessary, however, we would like to add this to your knowledge. A twin size mattress is best recommended for a 7 x 10 feet or 10 x 10 room. On the other hand, if you consider a twin XL mattress for the same dimension room, you would be jeopardizing your freedom to manoeuvre freely in the room. 

Quick review –

Features  Twin size mattress  Twin XL mattress
Length 75 inch 80 inch
Width 38 inch 38 inch 
Price  low Slightly higher than twin size mattress
Suitable for Kids  Both kids and teenagers
Room size  7 x 10 feet or 10x 10  Larger room 



With such a small difference in the dimension, it would always be a challenging task to select an appropriate mattress size. However, if you ask our opinion, we would ask you to go for a twin XL air mattress, only if you are not on a budget and if the room size is appropriate. Please note: If you are buying the mattress for a kids room, then remember, comfort and free maneuverability in the room should be the factors that you prioritize.