What Is SEO? A Brief Introduction


When you use Google (or every other search engine) to search for a term, have you ever ever wondered how the web sites in the first search effects web page were given there, when there are probably thousands of different competing websites which match your search term? Well, the answer to that question is Search Engine Optimization (search engine marketing). Those first few web sites had better search engine optimization than their competitors. So, what is SEO? Simply, it is a marketing strategy used to increase the rating of a website in search engines. To know more Visit Fameninja.

Some of these websites (such as Wikipedia, Facebook and Microsoft) got to the first search consequences page without much assist from SEO because, their brand names are sufficiently well-known to get them indexed within the first web page. The other websites depend on SEO to get them to the primary or 2d seek outcomes web page. You may additionally surprise why SEO is so important. Well, users rarely go beyond the primary few seek result pages while searching for a term. When turned into the ultimate time you clicked on the 15th seek consequences web page?

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Search engine marketing can be carried out in lots of ways. The main (and effective) search engine optimization strategies are the following:

  1. SEO titles, headers and URL addresses
  2. Back-linking
  3. Writing search engine marketing content
  4. The use of multimedia
  5. Regular updates

This article will in short contact on each of those SEO strategies. Each of these techniques may be defined in element in next articles.

Search Engine Marketing Titles, Headers And Url Addresses

The title of a website isn’t the same as its heading. The name is displayed on the ‘tab’ of that web site while the heading is displayed within the web site itself. When you enter a search term (called the key-word), the search engine attempts to find web sites whose name, heading and URL cope with fits the given key-word. If the identify, heading or the URL deal with of a internet site fits your keyword, then that internet site is given a higher rating than others.


When you visit a internet site, you will typically see several links linking that internet site to other websites. These links are referred to as back-links. Wikipedia is a superb instance for back-links. All the reference websites are indexed at the bottom of a Wikipedia article. These hyperlinks (at the lowest of an article) are back-hyperlinks of the respective reference web sites. Back-links help to increase the ranking of a internet site. Generally, the greater back-hyperlinks a internet site has, the higher its rating.

Writing Seo Content

Search engines attempt to suit the entered key-word with the content of web sites. For instance, if your key-word is “golf player”, the hunt engine will look for articles having the term “golfing player”. However, there could be tens of millions of articles having the term “golfing player” in them. The seek engine will rank those articles in keeping with the “key-word density” of the articles. Keyword density is calculated through dividing the quantity of keywords in the article by using the whole number of phrases and then multiplying the end result via 100.

For instance, if a hundred-worded article has the keyword “golfing player” repeated two times in it, the thing has a keyword density of 2%. Articles having a key-word density of 0.5-2% are usually given the best rating.

The Use Of Multimedia

Everybody prefers graphical web sites, compared to plain-text web sites. The main seek engines recognize this and therefore; they give websites containing multimedia (graphics, movies and flash applications) a higher ranking than other web sites.

Regular Updates

People have an unquenchable thirst for new statistics and facts. The major search engines address this need via giving the websites which can be regularly updated a higher ranking than different websites.

We desire that we answered your question “What is SEO?” satisfactorily via this article.

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