What is Dropshipping: A Detailed Note On Dropshipping

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By noticing the word “dropshipping” being thrown around an excessive a lot, we can’t help but wonder what it actually is. It would be a lie to state that a part of us didn’t desire the life of a drop shipper almost instantly as we see them down the tropical beaches and showcasing how they can work from anywhere around the globe.

But how to get yourself indulged in a business when you have excruciatingly low capital available and no possible plans of buying, storing, and transporting goods?

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To answer the big question about profitable dropship ideas right away, here is a detailed note on what dropshipping basically is and the requirement to set it up. 


Dropshipping is very closely affiliated with middleman-ship in the physical market. A middleman finds a buyer and then connects him to his source of a manufacturer to close a deal. And of course with a decent percentage of cut out for himself, but his work almost entirely is revolving around making his two acquaintances meet up in person to close a deal.

With the basic function of a middleman, it can now be quite easy to understand what dropshipping is as it is more of a modern version of the above.

What Is Dropshipping?

In dropshipping, the middleman takes the name of the dropshipper. But here, unlike the physical market where a middleman connects two a buyer and a seller, the dropshipping makes available an online platform for the goods of a manufacturer that are made available to the customer online. The online customers in need of goods are the buyer (of course!) and the manufacturer remains as the supplier, with every sale the dropshipper is able to get his cut out.

Even though this sounds captivating enough already, this is not the best part of free dropshipping companies yet!

All a dropshipper has to do is set up an online web store or a webpage where the intended goods and items of the manufacturer are advertised. Now as a sale is made and a buyer chooses the item to be shipped to his location, the order is forwarded to the manufacturer who then takes care of the packing and shipping. But through the payment made online, the dropshipper gets his percentage cut right away without having to buy, store, or ship any of the items.

In a business where you don’t have to worry a single thing about the buying of products in mass quantities, how and where to store them, and neither the shipping, it seems to be a win-win situation. As long as the manufacturer is getting his sales and you getting your cut, there isn’t possibly any better business to be thought of.

What Are The Merits OF Dropshipping And Why Is It A Rising Trend?

Most of the advantages of running a dropshipping business are pretty evident from the mere description of it. But to be in a place to argue about why it is such a growing trend, some of these must be studied briefly in detail.

Following you will find a brief note regarding some compellingly advantageous aspects of running a dropship company or dropshipping products to sell on eBay.

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Low Capital Needs

Statistics have shown that over 70% of the businesses commenced getting to see a failure within the first 90 days. Looking at these numbers, every new businessman gets cautious enough to not even give it an all-out try, and in most cases is wise to do so as well.

If you put in large investments in arranging the set-up and formation of business only to see it fail, you are definitely not going to be the best advocate of commencing businesses. Dropshipping gets its most compelling benefits from this specific problem by having negligible capital needs compared to the setting up of formal business.

No Warehouse Storage Or Shipping Requirements

The biggest and most bold steps before starting a business are taken way ahead in time before the first advertisement shows up. 

It is because if you looking to engage in the business of retail, whether physical or online, you are required to buy goods in huge quantities, store them properly, and be able to efficiently ship them in case of online retail.

In dropshipping where all you do is forward the invoice and order to the manufacture who has to deal with the shipping, you are exempted from the biggest hurdles in setting up retail. You don’t need to buy products in huge quantities to be on display, you can handle your complete business from an efficient webpage and a Laptop.

Convenience Of Working From Anywhere

Coming over to the most anticipated advantage since the very beginning, dropshipping gives you the laxity of being able to work from anywhere around the world.

Since you don’t have a physical warehouse to tend to and the running of shipping processes, you completely rely on your digital skills of managing your business online and a strong internet connection.

Hence, all the amazing and compelling videos you come across over the internet, where the person starts to tell you how easy it is to work from anywhere around the world before you skip it quickly, can be said to be almost entirely true!

Unlimited Inventory And Low Factor Of Risk

Another key advantage of dropshipping is that you don’t have to make a far-fetched calculation like a wholesale dropship distributor for the introduction of new items to your inventory.

The inventory space you have in dropshipping is only limited to how many customers you are able to find for it online. With an increasing number of orders, the manufacturer can fuel up his production process to be available with more supplies.

Because of the fact that you don’t have to run the risk of getting a new item in bulk as a tester in case it fails, you can always be adding one or two things on and off days to see what kind of demand the get.

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