What is behind choosing your hair transform ?


Why everyone try to appear with new hairstyle or looking for new look ? whythere is lots of new style create in the world day by day ? Have you ever ask those question to yourself at once ?there is lots of new style create in the world day by day ? Have you ever ask those question to yourself at once ?

show how short haircut gives yeanger look

If you are looking for answer here is some of truth from my long time experience worked in beautician as hairstylist up to 10 years . Hairstylist is one of creative job able for renew and changed by the time , place ,culture . we always seek for customer satisfaction who desire to get perfect hair transform . Before giving the answer lets share you one of the funny story have passed through my work time which is tell you there is no age limit for people in trying to appear with special look.

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One day , there were two of old women had visited us they seems very aged around 70 year old you can see wrinkle on their skin . While they have entered everyone in salon get confused because we used to see young customers visiting the beauty center . we thought that may lost their way but we have surprised that they came for hair transform they want to get special haircut and new style to their hair and also nice makeup . one of my Friend started silent laugh and had whispered me and said she may want to impress someone .

In fact , that must be one of the hard type of client . she was old women she had light white porous hair but she want to become like the model in catalogue . after all those difficulties we had finally done successfully and said kindly to one of old women’s Your husband must be very lucky to have nice bridle like you .she looked at me with those strange eyes and said who want to impress that old man! , also said that she do that for herself it makes her happy and give her good vibes

Hair transform through time ?

Hairstyles are transformed through time we can see some of style be more popular in one year and unwelcomed in the next year and there’s some of them always still in most requested list . there is one type of haircut called( Bob haircut ) which is never become old because it give women very young look and women always like that , it give them positive feeling .

people type in choosing hair transform :

The first group visit the salon regularly to enhance and cut the dyed hair . The second group which are the majority they always follow new hair transform .The third group always go with fancy transform such as hot pink hair color . Whatever people tastes in choosing style all of different type give them kind of happiness that always be showed on their face . people express about them self through their look, hairstyle , clothing … etc. Let’s talk about fancy hairstyle, people may start giving judge when they saw someone with un normal look but we always saw those look always be choosing by Artist , singer and we all admit they are creative . your style is more deep term which is express about you , your culture and your identity.

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