What is B2B Lead Generation


People said “Lead Generation” is an art although the business marketing work not ends up on lead generation as for good business. It’s necessary you can convert a lead to sale. The real success is to convert most of your leads to sales. But how you will get the sale if you don’t have any potential lead so again the process is start from the lead generation.

There are a lot of smart ways to generate the leads. Now the thing is how you will come to know that which method is suitable for your business niche? If you take time to research than you’ll think it’s better to invest some money on marketing and get some business. Here’s my work starts, don’t need to pay a single penny for marketing campaign. I’ll let you know how you can generate leads and do your marketing by self without wasting your time and effort.

If you have a website so just register with any free lead grabbing too. Aassociate that tool with your website and leave the rest to the tool. 90% your website visitors are those who are interested to buy your product or services. Some time people don’t understand the format of the website, the pricing techniques or they have questions. They hesitate to ask and they didn’t filled the contact us or inquiry form and left. Now you can’t have any idea how many potential leads you lost just because any small reason. The lead grabbing tools grab the information of the visitor without telling them that they are leaving their mark on your server. This software take all necessary details and create a database file for your use.

You can check the file after few days so you’ll come to know you have a lot of cold leads in your database. ¬†How you can convert them in hot leads and from hot leads to sale. This is the next process. Now you need to run a marketing campaign on the data you got from your website. Again, no need to run a paid campaign. Here email marketing will help you and that will be for free. Don’t need to hire anyone to create cool newsletter or broacher, register yourself for online email marketing tools for free (There are a lot of free and useful tools available online).

These tools will provide you various templates to create the newsletter, broacher or formal offer. Now you will think one of your employee will be busy sending email, changing name in every email that is again time taking and 1 employee salary (means investment) is involved in it. No. Once you register yourself with any email marketing tool you will get the power to send emails in bulk with proper name and email address. In this way everyone who get the email found their name in email. Now the first stage of email marketing is done.

What will be the next step?

You free email marketing tool is also have a power of notification. Once a person open the email the software will let you know and few software can tell you how many times the receiver opened the email. How much time he/she invest on that. Now you can send next email to those who spend time on your email. In that email you just need to ask them if they need any clarification about the product/services or prices they can book an appointment with you for at least 10-15 minutes so you can guide them accordingly.

Here you have the hot leads and now you need to take a final step, your sales team need to talk to the person and convince them to buy your services or product. Hope this article helps you. In my next article I’ll share some lead grabbing and email marketing tools in detail.