What Has Made Organic Milk So Popular In India?


Organic milk refers to farm-fresh milk from livestock raised according to organic farming methods. The livestock is fed an organically certified fodder in chemical-free farmland without being injected with drugs like growth hormones. Organic milk has a higher nutritional content and more disease-fighting antioxidants than non-organic milk.

What has made organic milk so popular in India?

The craze for organic milk consumption in India has gained nationwide popularity thanks to social media which has been promoting its benefits on platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. If you want to search for pure cow milk in Gurgaon or desi cow milk in Gurgaon, just do a Google search and you will be directed to several facebook pages and organic diaries of farm-fresh milk or organic milk producers like Tru Milk, Pride of Cows, Sarda, O’ Leche, Astra, 4s and many more. The demand for cow milk in Gurgaon and other cities of North India is being catered by milk producers who claim to offer natural fresh pure cow milk straight from their organic farms. Rampant adulteration has fueled the demand for farm-fresh milk in India that is mostly termed as being organic.

Benefits of organic milk     

  • Organic milk tastes better as it is sweeter and full-bodied without being heavy.
  • Organic milk is healthier and free from adulteration as it is produced from cows that are fed with organic fodder on chemical-free farmland and are not injected with any growth hormones which can adversely impact its overall quality. Organic cows are happier and healthier which leads to more nutritious milk and healthier babies.
  • Organic milk comes in attractively packaged glass bottles which are labeled as ‘Organic Cow Milk’ and is delivered straight from farm to your residence.
  • Consumption of organic milk can prevent serious health hazards caused by adulterated milk which is full of chemical preservatives and other additives.
  • The process of producing organic milk is fully automated eliminating the instances of human contact and possible contamination. Cow milk in Gurgaon is healthy for consumption as it is chemical and hormone-free and the cows are not fed with any antibiotics or other preservatives.
  • An organic milk farm takes into consideration all possible safety measures for milk production and prevents cruelty to animals as resident cows are free to roam, sleep on soft beds, are given a bath daily and their sheds are temperature controlled. Most of these organic milk farms have their full-time medical staff trained in birthing, feed nutrition management, vaccination administration, and preventive care.
  • Organic milk helps in increasing resistance to infections, maintaining strong eyesight, good skin and bone growth.
  • Studies have shown that organic milk has 71% more omega 3 than conventional milk. Regular omega 3 fatty acids intake helps to reduce the incidence of heart disease, inflammation, cancer, and arthritis.

The demand for desi cow milk in Gurgaon and other cities of North India from health-conscious consumers has increased manifold due to excessive use of chemicals in conventional milk production and the harmful effects that they create on the human body.

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