What Every homeowner should know about Gutter Guards

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Gutter Guards are mainly used on the rooftop to stop different things like leaves and debris to get into your gutters and be a problem for your drainage systems. Gutter Guards are installed to keep your gutters clean and avoid regular cleaning.

Often people wonder that should or shouldn’t they buy and install gutter guards? Is it worth to invest in them and how long they can take benefit from the investment they did? In this short reading of 2 minutes, I’ll try to clear all of your questions and help you out to make the right decision.

gutter guards

Does Gutter Guards worth installing or buying?

If I am allowed a one-word answer, it is “Yes”. But there are many reasons why you should make a small investment and get long-lasting benefits

  1. It will save your time cleaning your gutters
  2. Once you have installed gutter guards, you save your cleaning staff cost which can be monthly or anytime
  3. Not only this, installing guards means you added a barrier between your drainage system or pipelines from leaves and debris
  4. There are different design for gutter covers, you can choose as per the problem you face.

Making it short, this small investment in your home means mental freedom.

Types of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are mainly of five different types Nylon, Reserve, Bottle Brush, Foam, and Mesh.

Nylon Gutter Guards are a perfect solution for winters. Their design prevents snow

Reserve Curve Gutter Guards are designed to work in a way to let leaves fall on the ground

Mesh Gutter Guards are metallic sheets with holes

Bottle Brush is made with bristle upright in the gutter to keep debris there and let water flow

Foam is made of plastic to block debris to reach gutters

What is the life of Gutter Covers?

Many companies have designed different products and salespeople claim it to be a magical product for you for longer life. But this is not the case. A gutter guard life is expected to be five to seven years which can be extended with regular maintenance.

Which is the right Brand and Model for you?

Gutter guards are heavily marketed in the last few years. I am sure you would have received a telephone call or meet some of them where they introduce their product as the best in the market. Before buying any, Everyone must do his/her research on finding the best product instead of believing salespeople.

Asking your friends and family members about their experience with a specific brand or product model, reading product descriptions, reading reviews on different blogs like Householdprof.com about gutter guards would be enough to decide what you should do.

What is bad about it?

Different Experts tested all of the models and they are agreed that gutter covers don’t provide a complete solution. Different Debris in different seasons can still clog gutters, however, something is better than nothing.

Maintenance of your gutters and guards

Most of the people think they have to do nothing once they have installed it. It is completely wrong. Both gutter and guards also need regular maintenance. At least once a year, especially after the fall season. You can do it yourself or hire a gutter cleaning company to do it

What is the average cost?

As you know, different models and companies are making, on average it costs $6-$10 per feet. You can think it is not a big amount but what if your home has 150 feet rain gutters? That means will be approximately $900-$1500.

Final Words

Think wisely, every investment you make has some benefits hidden in it but it is the person who has to decide what suits the most and what are the priorities.